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Zvi Yehezkeli

Last night on Channel 10, Zvi Yehezkeli gave us an insightful look into the Islamization of Europe, and it’s frightening.

Yehezkeli is a senior reporter on Arab affairs and speaks fluent Arabic. He also looks typically “Middle Eastern” (whatever that means) so he could easily present himself as an Arab or Moslem immigrant and interview others.

At first I thought the whole presentation would be Islamophobic. But it wasn't.

Because the reporter showed us real scenes of real people talking about their real lives. First in Sweden (Malmo, where 80% of the students at the school he visited are Moslems), then in France, in a Paris suburb where the police just don’t go! Yehezkeli also interviewed senior police officers to discuss the problems, and at least two Mayors (one quoted a statistic of a 600% crime increase in a year in an area where 75%-80% of the population is Moslem).

Sweden, Norway, Belgium, France …. Which will be the first Islamic European country with sharia law? After I heard these people on TV last night, I don’t want to be around when it happens. At least there will be an Israel for the Jews, if they can escape.

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