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United Nations Palestine vote

The vote at the United Nations today to recognize Palestine as a non-member state ("We recognize that we don't recognize you") is yet another bit of lunacy at the world's most perverse bureaucracy. Did anyone notice that little flare-up between Hamas-run Gaza and Israel this month? After all those tens of thousands of headlines, the countries of the world are going to pretend it didn't just happen.

That dustup proves yet again that this "Palestinian state" isn't united and that Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah faction can barely hold on to their West Bank kleptocracy, much less claim to rule over Gaza's terrorist-run theocracy. And yet... most countries in the world will indicate that they support a Palestinian (non-member) state.

That's just great. Well, I support full member state status for the Kingdom of Narv, carving a little slice out of my Mount Pleasant neighborhood in Vancouver. The borders aren't defined yet and I really can't claim meaningful sovereignty over much territory, but apparently, those things don't matter. Besides, my kingdom would have two major advantages over a Palestinian state: First, I'm not presently trying to blow up my neighbors. Second, employment in the Kingdom of Narv is 100 percent and I'm...More >>

I thought long and hard when I was asked about the grass-roots feelings of us Israelis concerning the Palestinian goings-on at the United Nations this week. All the big hitters, from both the Palestinian and the Israeli sides, are in New York for the opening of the UN session. Not to mention President Barack Obama's presence at the General Assembly.

The US President opened with a supportive-of-Israel speech that knocked our collective socks off. The Arabs mostly hated it. The Israelis mostly loved it. Who would have thought? 

Almost since his inauguration some three years ago, Obama has been the bête noire of huge numbers of Jews around the world, including many Israelis. Yet just last week, the lead story in the Sept 18th edition of "New York Magazine" was subtitled: "Barack Obama is the best thing Israel has going for it right now".

On the other hand, also last week, for the first time in 90 years, voters in New York's District 9, which includes large numbers of Jewish voters, chose a Republican candidate and not a Democrat. A slap in the face to the President. What is going on?

President Obama's main message was that the recognition and establishment of a Palestinian State must...More >>


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