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UN Human Rights Council

Sure, we already knew that. But here's today's reminder: U.N. ADOPTS RESOLUTION PRAISING QADDAFI RIGHTS RECORD.

Yes, it's that Qaddafi. The one that tortured dissenters, bombed civilians from the air and effectively froze Libya into a backwards dictatorship for decades (notwithstanding that the forces who overthrew him are going to turn back the clock even further, to the dark ages).

A U.N. report ridiculed worldwide for lavishing praise on the Qaddafi regime’s human rights record was unanimously adopted today by the 47-nation UN Human Rights Council, with president Laura Dupuy Lasserre overruling the objection made in the plenary by UN Watch.

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international human rights day united nations iran mahmoud ahmadinejad

Today is International Human Rights Day, but it feels like there is little to celebrate. The will of the world's most authoritarian and fascist regimes is prevailing at the UN in one incident after another in a process that is decimating the original spirit of the UN's establishment, which was to protect and further human rights, not to cripple and erode them.

Last week the UN General Assembly approved a revised resolution on extrajudicial, arbitrary and summary executions with the removal of a specific reference to sexual orientation as an unacceptable reason for executions, after several Arab and African countries banded together in a bid to have the reference removed. Consequently, the United Nations, the world body mandated to uphold the universalism of human rights, opted not to defend the rights of human beings not to be murdered by their governments on account of their sexual orientation.

And now, the UN "Human Rights" Council (the saddest joke of the decade) is considering a draft resolution on “combating defamation of religions” sponsored by a derisive Morocco on behalf...More >>

united nations raheel razah pakistani ambassador youtube videoCanada’s non-election to the UN Security Council doesn’t come as a complete surprise. It’s obvious that Canada’s entry was barred primarily by the OIC (Organization of Islamic Conference) which has a permanent delegation to the United Nations, with 57 member states and a powerful grip due to their large numbers. Adding insult to injury is a message by the president of the Canadian Arab Federation (CAF), titled, "Don't Give Canada a Security Council Seat.” It seems that the OIC have spokespersons right here in Canada.

Last month I was invited to the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva (UNHRC) as member of an NGO on human rights, and for the first time I observed a direct clash of civilizations.

The OIC was ostensibly at UNHRC in Geneva like others, to address issues of human rights violations. In the entire week that I attended the sessions, not a single one of them mentioned human rights violation in their respective countries. After getting quite shocked at this blatant display of denial, I did some research and found that...More >>


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