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troops out now

The Propagandist magazine is for thinking conservatives and brass-knuckles socialists. That said, we also have friends among brass-knuckles conservatives or thinking socialists. Just to clarify.

Here's a look back at some of our recent articles that are taking the fight to the enemy:

Confusion to our enemies!More >>

The Propagandist magazine Syria Iranian Republican Guard revolution politics Middle EastEND IMPERIALISM! The Propagandist calls on all peace-loving peoples of the world to join in condemnation of this latest IMPERIALIST OUTRAGE!

The military forces of foreign rogue regimes are DELIBERATELY TARGETING INNOCENT CIVILIANS and committing acts of TORTURE. The world must condemn these war criminals!

According to Agence France Presse, many Syrians who were wounded in recent bloody attacks and have sought refuge in Turkey said that the Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards and repressive forces were collaborating with Syrian armed forces to stifle the Syrian uprisings in every step of the way...

Another young man said the Iranian regime’s forces wore black clothing, did not speak Arabic, and their weapons were different than those of the Syrian forces. He said they were Basijis [Iranian regime’s paramilitary forces attached to the IRGC] and were employed as snipers who were shooting into the demonstrators.

If these GENOCIDAL WAR CRIMINALS will not listen, then we MUST SUPPORT legitimate armed struggle and the outside intervention of HUMANITARIAN AID WORKERS flying Apache...More >>


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