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lowkey rap palestine terrorist jihad western bbcI first came across Lowkey while attending one of the many anti-Israel events that regularly take place at UCL, the surreal gathering which transported one to a parallel universe of truth and fiction dragged on for the best part of the evening.Before the standard ‘Israel’s an Apartheid State’ lecture got underway we were first serenaded by what I can only describe as an anti-Western propaganda anthem with a difference.

Now I can’t claim to be a big fan of Rap music but I have to confess that as soon as I got home I became engrossed in trying to find out who this angry young man in the video was and found myself listening to several of his tracks repetitively. It turned out that this part-Iraqi part-English hip hop ‘artist’ has been responsible for producing some of the most radically subversive and hateful music available for young opponents of Britain, Israel and America to date.

The track we had been subjected to was simply called ‘Terrorist?’ and while it came with the same self-contradictory and unsophisticated lyrics as it seems the...More >>


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