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Terrorism United Kingdom

Why does UK-based Islamist Anjem Choudary think he can get away with urging this latest batch of would-be bombers to carry out jihad?

My hunch would be that it's because he's gotten away with it every single time in the past. It seems that for the cops to take action, several things need to be dug up:

  • video evidence of a Muslim imam showing his pious followers how to load an AK-47 or manufacture bombs
  • detailed hand-written notes showing written instructions on carrying out terror attacks, signed and notarized
  • business cards in the pockets of the imam and his followers showing membership, including job title, in Al Qaeda or some regognized affiliate

Since that will never happen, this now-commonplace scenario will keep playing out until enough people are killed that the cops are forced to enact new rules of engagement:

The plotters, British citizens, last week pleaded guilty to preparing for acts of terrorism.

They admitted plotting to blow up the London Stock Exchange in a “Mumbaistyle” blitz.

And the al-Qaida-inspired gang also planned attacks on the American Embassy and Houses of Parliament . The radical Islamists intended to send

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