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Taliban suicide bomber

In yet another attack which took place just last week in Afghanistan, a Muslim suicide bomber blew himself up and killed -- you guessed it -- fellow Muslims. 

It should be pretty unequivocal by now where the real problem in the region is coming from. The Taliban was massacring the Hazara population -- not because of their support for the Coalition, or hatred stemming from western foreign policy, but simply because of their belief in a different sect of the same religion.

Indeed, the United Nations stated in a report last year "attributing 75 percent of the deaths to attacks by Taliban and other insurgents rather than coalition forces". 

As the in 2006 stated, 

  • Iraqi civilians killed (all deliberately) in 2006 by the Iraqi resistance: 16,791.
  • Iraqi civilians killed (all accidentally) in 2006 by Americans: 225.

Granted, these above figures are pre-2007 surge numbers -- however, the difference between these two numbers, albeit extraordinarily tragic, is no small one. 

Why blame the Coalition, and not the insurgents, for such killings? Obviously -- because it's not nearly as convenient for those who believe the US and the West...More >>


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