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Syria protests

The Propagandist magazine news opinion political commentary opinion propagandaThe Propagandist's allies are on the march, smacking down the Syrian regime, taking pot-shots at Gaddafi (and his stooge-like supporters), tripping up politically-correct demagogues and alerting us to the conspiracy theories of the enemy. See the latest propaganda from our brave friends.

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Are there still people who are so naive that they believe President Assad of Syria? His latest wisdom, as reported in Haaretz is that the uprising fomenting in his dictatorship is the result of American-Israeli intervention. Assad's perch looks shaky.

Assad has a long history of fabricating the facts - a history stretching back to the days when his father's control of the regime was still throttling democracy there.

The people don't want him. They want democracy, at last. Now that the hens have come home to roost, what better way of continuing the tradition that has worked for so long? Blame the Jews, blame Israel, blame America - anything but to take an introspective look and see the truth.

The unhappy part is that there are so many anti-Semites out there who will believe anything anybody says, as long it degrades and denigrates Israel. World opinion counts, and world opinion is swayed by the forces of evil: We, the silent majority, the "good guys", sit passively by until the tsunami hits.

In this case, the tsunami of Islamic sharia law will drown them all before they know it. Now is the

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Will Syria be immune from the Arab Spring? The regime is perfectly willing to use lethal force (as usual) to stifle dissent. And it's hard to believe President Bashar Assad would cave to anything less than armed rebels beating down his bedroom door.

Still, this latest protest shows that there may be some hope:

Update at 11:17 a.m. ET: Witnesses say Syrian troops opened fire today during a protest in Latakia, the AP reports. It is the first reported clash between security forces and demonstrators since a morning speech by President Bashar Assad, who promised job opportunities and a campaign corruption. Assad also blamed much of last week's popular protests on "conspirators."

Witnesses, who asked to remain unidentified for security reasons, say police opened fire during a protest by about 100 people — although it was not immediately clear whether they were firing in the air or at the protesters, the AP reports.

Update at 11:06 a.m. ET: Al-Jazeera TV reports that Syrian actvists are very disapponted with Assad's speech and have called for more demonstrations after Friday prayers.


Update at 8:28

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