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Somehow In Between

The Propagandist is proud to help raise awareness for an event involving one of our most distinguished contributing writers, Karl Pfeifer. The event is a documentary directed and produced by Daniel Binder, Mary Kreutzer, Ingo Lauggas, Maria Pohn-Weidinger and Thomas Schmidinger. Get more information about Somehow In Between and RSVP

A, H, IL 2008, 87 min
German language with English subtitles

In cooperation with the Center for Austrian Studies (University of Minnesota) and the Leo Baeck Institue, The Austrian Cultural Forum presents a moving documentary about Austrian journalist Karl Pfeifer. The film focuses on Pfeifer’s life and experiences, and the role anti-semitism played in shaping him.

In 2005, a group of five young men and women founded the “Society for Critical Research on Anti-Semitism” with the goal to produce a film that examines Pfeifer’s life-journey across Europe and the Middle East. Consisting mainly of interviews, the film accompanies the journalist to crucial destinations of his life, such as Austria, Hungary and Israel. Following the paths of Pfeifer’s life also means to follow the paths and ensnarements of Austrian antisemitism.

As a ten-year old boy, Karl Pfeifer fled Austria in 1938, first to...More >>


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