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al shabab taliban horn of africa somalia islamist terrorSomalia's hyper-armed Islamist militia, al-Shabab, has banned men and women from shaking hands in a district under its control, according to this BBC report:

Under the ban imposed in the southern town of Jowhar, men and women who are not related are also barred from walking together or chatting in public.

It is the first time such social restrictions have been introduced.

The al-Shabab administration said those who disobeyed the new rules would be punished according to Sharia law.

The BBC's Mohamed Moalimuu in Mogadishu says the penalty would probably be a public flogging.

The militant group has already banned music in areas that it controls, which include most of central and southern Somalia.

While al-Shabab considers its next steps in consolidating the misery of Somalians, meanwhile, in Pakistan, locals are pretty riled up over the publication of a sex education book for Muslims by Dr. Mobin Akhtar despite the doctor's novel take on sex education from an Islamic perspective:

When I started to study what the Koran, Islamic law and religious scholars had to

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universal declaration human rights politics islamic communist violations shariahTo understand human rights, one must fully appreciate what it means to be human. To be human is to contemplate, strive, endeavor, love---even hate!

But foremost, to be human is to reason. Human beings reason in several ways and to achieve various ends. They understand like no other species on earth that unbridled fear, rancour and mistrust lead to chaos and anarchy in society that ultimately work to the disadvantage of all human beings. It is the faculty of reason that sets human beings apart from other life forms on earth. Therefore, though it is human to hate, it is equally human to put limits on hate and its expression through reason, so as to guarantee “human” rights to all human beings.  

Acutely aware of their own needs, human beings are also able to empathize with the needs and desires of other members of their species. To be able to walk in the other’s shoes is hence a singularly human trait.

It is human beings who feel for others, feel the other’s joys and sorrows, and recognize that all human...More >>


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