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rocket attacks Israel

Gaza terrorism Hamas rockets targeting Israeli civiliansRocket attacks on civilians are nothing new for Israel. Every day, Palestinian terrorists try to murder human beings indiscriminately... And every day, most of the hundreds of international reporters in Israel ignore it.

The Israel Project does great work highlighting these kinds of horors that somehow escape the notice of most people (or worse, are rationalized as a justified response -- to what? There is no occupation in Gaza and there hasn't been one since 2005. Not that firing indiscriminately on civilian populations isn't a war crime in any case...).

As an aside, I just wish Facebook had something different from a "Like" button. Right now, it would appear that 172 people "Like" the fact that "68 rockets targeted Israeli civilians in 12 hours on Oct. 24, 2012" -- which is not really their intent.

Israel Project Facebook...More >>


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