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Some see propaganda as the bottom shelf of public relations -- something regrettable "that came out of the war years". While some of The Propagandist's contributing writers have been attracted to the mischeivous brand name, others have opted to look past it as they work for the cause, while a third group of talented pundits may have been put off by the moniker entirely.

political propaganda war afghanistan venezuela media jihad human rightsThe Propagandist is kicking ass and taking names. Recruiting is up - check out our growing list of contributing political writers from the USA, Canada, the UK and around the globe - and our readers continue to spread the word.

The enemy is running scared.

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Confusion to our enemies!

Jonathon Narvey is the Editor of The Propagandist.

Popular Propaganda

iranian nuclear bomb stop iranian regimeI have a colleague at my university who is a walking stereotype. He wears a kaffiyeh; loose-fitting clothes with ‘Free Palestine’ badges attached; a low-slung woollen hat at the obligatorily jaunty angle; a pair of dangling, white, silent earphones that rhythmically swing from their pivot at the neck of his shirt; and various modish accessories representing figures such as Guevara, Chavez, Stalin and Castro. He is the son of an infamous champagne socialist.

Our stereotype once told me, ‘I always support the underdog. Even when I watch a football match, no matter who is playing, I’ll support the weaker side.’

Not to equate my colleague with an international terrorist mastermind, but compare this with Bin Laden’s adage: ‘When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature they will like the strong horse.’

The first statement is indicative of the culturally relativist, self-destructive side of Left-liberalism. It is a statement that is also of great worth to Islamist groups all over the World who use Bin Laden’s statement to attack the West, while using our stereotype’s statement to watch the...More >>


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