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political propaganda

More propaganda from our Allies to help mobilize the masses.

Here are the latest dispatches from the front.More >>

The latest political propaganda from The Propagandist's Allies.

The Propagandist's Allies continue their shock-and-awe campaign against the Enemy, bombarding them with uncomfortable truths and stinging political satire.More >>

The Propagandist magazine presents the latest propaganda from our glorious Allies.More >>

The Propagandist relaunches and looks back at years of propaganda

"What I have most wanted to do throughout the past ten years is to make political writing into an art. My starting point is always a feeling of partisanship, a sense of injustice." -- George OrwellMore >>

World politics, commentary and political propaganda to mobilize the massesThe Propagandist's Allies move forward, not backward; upward, not forward; and always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom! In just 12 one-hour sessions, you too can learn the classical moves that enable our shock troops to glide into the Enemy with style and grace. Sign up today!

Here's the latest propaganda to mobilize the masses, from our brave Allies on many fronts:

Tonight is the first-ever Beer and Politics night organized by The Propagandist Magazine. Several of our contributing writers and readers are meeting up in Storm Crow Tavern, a local Vancouver-area pub for a free-wheeling political discussion.

We'll chew over which party deserves to win the upcoming American election; how to win an argument against shouting, rioting maniacs around the world who hate everyone who isn't shouting and rioting; and whether Canadian PM Stephen Harper should be given a Nobel Peace Prize for turfing the Iranians.

I'm excited about tonight. We started The Propagandist to help get political conversations started about the controversial issues of our day. I'm glad to see that the online discussion is moving more and more into the real world.

Some of us are creatures of the right or left; most of us pick and choose our positions depending on a particular issue. We're funny that way. Anyway, it promises to be a fun beer-fueled evening.

I hope that more of our readers and contributors will feel inspired to take their discussions and debates into all aspects of the public realm.

It's time to mobilize, people. Do it for freedom. When...More >>

The Propagandist magazine's Allies are storming the battlements! And we've got just one question for the enemy -- what the hell is a battlement, anyway? I mean, where do they even buy them? IKEA?

Here are the latest dispatches from the front lines:

Confusion to our enemies!More >>

world politics, American politics, US President Barack Obama, war on terror, political propaganda, politics blogWe're looking for a few good propagandists. The Propagandist magazine need writers, podcasters, videographers, photographers, and other digital storytellers to join our valiant crew and keep taking the fight to the enemy.

Are you ready to join the cause? If you're not sure, see our checklist below. Answering "yes" to any of these statements probably means you should join our diverse team of muckrakers. Become a Propagandist.

  • Do you get angry when the United Nations comes out with a report condemning a free democracy while giving the tyrants of the world a free pass?
  • Sick and tired of politicians and "human rights" covering up for for terrorists while thumbing their noses at the soldiers fighting the bad guys?
  • Wish US President Barack Obama would take a different approach to foreign policy that doesn't involve supplicating tyrants and handing over suitcases of cash to corrupt entities (just like every other US president before him)?
  • Think Noam Chomsky and Naomi Klein get it wrong -- oh, so very wrong?
  • ...More >>

Our leave pass just came in! The Editor is taking time off for some R&R. We'll be back in about a week!

In the meantime, feel free to drop us a line on Twitter, Facebook or via email at info [AT] propagandistmag [DOT] com

We want to know what you think:

  • Stories and themes we cover at the magazine. What do you like? What do you want to see more of?
  • Are you itching to unload a political broadside of your own? If you think it's a good fit, send in your original essay to The Propagandist so we can publish it. Become a propagandist
  • Got an idea for a story or column you want us to run? Pitch us
  • Want to record a podcast about some political shenanigans? Have a listen to our previous podcasts and pitch us a topic
  • Tell your friends about us! We're on Twitter, Facebook and all that jazz
  • Donate to the cause! We've got to pay for web hosting, not to mention groceries. It's easy to donate through PayPal.

We're back next weekend. Until then, confusion to our enemies!...More >>

We like to think our take-no-prisoners political magazine is pretty cool. But it's nice when a fellow publication takes the time to throw a little kudos our way.

We'd like to extend a big welcome to our new readers from The Next Web. Thanks again to all of our contributors, sponsors and fans who have helped us get to where we are today.

An excerpt from TNW's The Propagandist: an online magazine with bite:

“Our political commentary is often earnest, quirky, satirical and always provocative,” Narvey says. “We’ve got contributing writers from the left and the right. I like to think that the site is the ‘revolution of the centre’.”

But as the web has become a destination for those looking for compelling stories and social commentary, The Propagandist has plenty of company. Narvey makes no bones about it: standing out in this racket isn’t easy, but there can be ways to do it. Diversification and pushing the envelope are two tactics that The Propagandist has undertaken, and they appear to be serving the site well.


“Other political sites, magazines, etc. already take a “hard left” or a “hard right” stance, and that is because to get

...More >>



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