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political correctness

When an idiot police constable in Toronto made the outrageous statement that "women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized", SlutWalk was born.

When the Sun News network delivers a report about a Muslim street preacher in Toronto making precisely the same type of comment, SlutWalk condemns... Sun News.More >>

It sounds vaguely Orwellian and it was. I'm enjoying a cool beer while enjoying the death of Section 13 at the hands of the Conservative Party of Canada. It took longer than it should have, but the True North's most insidious legislation is just about dead. Jonathan Kay of the National Post provides a decent overview:

For decades, Canadians had meekly submitted to a system of administrative law that potentially made de facto criminals out of anyone with politically incorrect views about women, gays, or racial and religious minority groups. All that was required was a complainant (often someone with professional ties to the CHRC itself) willing to sign his name to a piece of paper, claim he was offended, and then collect his cash winnings at the end of the process. The system was bogus and corrupt. But very few Canadians wanted to be seen as posturing against policies that were branded under the aegis of “human rights.”


That was then.

More >>

When an Islamic school in Canada is caught equating Jews to Nazis in its curriculum -- and a number of other lurid associations are discovered by the ensuing spotlight -- there's only one thing for the head of the school to do: deny, deny, deny.

Get the story over at Blazing Cat Fur: Maulana Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi: The Sargent Schultz Of ShiaMore >>

Odd that no reporters inside or outside the event thought to ask the students who walked out why they walked out. Were there no actual journalists at this National High School Journalist event?

Sure, the brave intolerant walk-outs claimed to be offended. But by what?

REPORTER (to Walker-Outer). "Was it the part where Dan pointed out that the Bible condones human slavery? Do you think slavery is a good idea? Or stoning a bride on her wedding night if she is found out to not be a virgin?

"Or how about his main point, that Bible passages are used to justify both rhetorical and physical attacks upon homosexuals? Are you really just hearing this stuff for the first time, or are you actually OK with all of these prescriptions for hatred? Our readers would love to know."More >>

The Propagandist magazine, political commentary, politics opinion, world politicsThe Propagandist magazine is busting a move, dropping the hammer and fighting the power simultaneously while standing on one leg. Here are some of our latest and greatest examples of political punditry from our talented slate of writers:

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Journalist Johann Hari of the Independent delves into the awful reality of Muslims in one community systematically attacking gays in Britain. Political correctness in the face of this brutality has helped silence protest, practically guaranteeing it would get worse:

These are not isolated incidents. East London has seen the highest increase in homophobic attacks anywhere in Britain. Everybody knows why, and nobody wants to say it. It is because East London has the highest Muslim population in Britain, and we have allowed a fanatically intolerant attitude towards gay people to incubate there, in the name of “tolerance”. The most detailed opinion survey of British Muslims was carried out by Gallup, who correctly predicted the result of the last general election. In their extensive polling, they found literally no British Muslims who would say homosexuality is “morally acceptable.” Every one of the Muslims they polled objected to it. Even more worryingly, younger Muslims had more stridently anti-gay views than older Muslims. These attitudes have consequences – and they are worst of all for gay Muslims, who have to live a sham half-life of lies, or be shunned by their families.

...More >>

geert wilders islam trial fitnah dutch holland politics ideology court case prosecutionGeert Wilders, the controversial Dutch politician famously - but unsuccessfully so far - prosecuted by the Netherlands for his anti-Islamic rhetoric, never has a dull moment. Indeed, even those around him, connected to him in any way, seem to find themselves hauled into his Never-ending Controversy. 

Let's consider the past few months in the wild ride that is Geert Wilders' career. 

'A crisis within the criminal law division of the court.'

In October, Geert Wilders' prosecution ground to a halt. This was, mainly, because of two things. First, the Dutch Public Prosecutor's office said that Wilders should be acquitted on all charges. Second, all three judges handling Wilders' case were dismissed after Tom Schalken - one of the court of appeal judges that forced the Dutch public prosecutor to lay charges against Geert Wilders in 2009 - attended the same dinner function as one of Wilders' expert witness for the trial, and got into a discussion with that...More >>

root causes terrorism islamist politics david cameron tory prime minister uk britain speech securityBritish Prime Minister David Cameron spoke about the roots of terrorism, the defense of liberal values and the Islamist conflict with democracy at the Munich Security Conference. Here's an excerpt:

We have got to get to the root of the problem, and we need to be absolutely clear on where the origins of where these terrorist attacks lie.  That is the existence of an ideology, Islamist extremism.  We should be equally clear what we mean by this term, and we must distinguish it from Islam.  Islam is a religion observed peacefully and devoutly by over a billion people.  Islamist extremism is a political ideology supported by a minority.  At the furthest end are those who back terrorism to promote their ultimate goal: an entire Islamist realm, governed by an interpretation of Sharia. 

Move along the spectrum, and you find people who may reject violence, but who accept various parts of the extremist worldview, including real hostility towards Western democracy and liberal values.  It is vital

...More >>

When you transform public institutions into bunkers of political correctness and faux diversity, you get a whole new kind of Orwellian dystopia... possibly even more nightmarish than the original. Read on if you dare.

Dear Brittania Preschool Sensitivity Administrators,

We were gratified by your newsletter's kind inclusion of Canadians among the identifiable groups whose exotic – but valid! Completely valid! -- holiday traditions are to be explained to the children this fall. Seeing "Canadian Thanksgiving" nestled in there with Rosh Hashanah, Ramadan and this Iroquois Harvest cannot help but give citizens that warm, unoffended feeling. That said, we have regrettably detected a certain element of non-progressivity in your programme.

Now, consider it understood that other levels of government have shockingly underfunded Brittania; and that therefore your staff of 17 only has a few child hours per week (CHPW) to inculcate all possible cultural understandings into the Callums and Kaylas of modern East End tykehood. Take that as read, friends. You have still shockingly – even offensively – failed to meet Ministry guidelines in this matter of diversity.

As you know or should know, under the "Numbers and Colours" provisions of the Infant Lifestyle Sensitivity Act, only qualified holiday-demonstrating staff at...More >>


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