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political commentary

The Propagandist relaunches and looks back at years of propaganda

"What I have most wanted to do throughout the past ten years is to make political writing into an art. My starting point is always a feeling of partisanship, a sense of injustice." -- George OrwellMore >>

The Propagandist essay contest political pundits opinion commentary newsJust a quick reminder for all the would be political opinion makers out there: The deadline for the 2nd Propagandist Essay Contest is October 10 (Columbus Day). Get in your submission early so you've got plenty of time to promote it in your own blogs, tweets, Facebook shares, etc. Remember, popularity is a factor in selecting the winner.

Editor's Note: I swear to all you procrastinating political pundits: if y'all submit your essays at 11:57 pm on October 10, I'm going to steal the $1,000 prize money and go on a three-day bender. Don't make me do this.More >>

the propagandist magazine politics commentary essay contestThe Propagandist Essay Contest deadline is on December 31, 2010. (Can you imagine all of the politically-minded nerds frantically typing away just before New Year's Eve to get their articles in just under the wire?).

We're looking for new writers as well as submissions from our established roster of pundits and provocateurs.

Write an essay for us. Get a chance to win $1000 and help pay off some holiday shopping bills.

Read the details for The Propagandist Essay ContestMore >>

political hypocrite progressive new left globe and mail irshad manji rick salutin rabbleA national newspaper with a politically liberal editorial line replaces an old white man, Rick Salutin, with a non-white lesbian Muslim who advocates for human rights, women's rights and religious moderation: Irshad Manji.

The "progressive" rags that have hitherto done everything they can to promote "identity politics" and "affirmative action" go apeshit.

Why, precisely? Because opposition to a the only multicultural democracy in the Middle East governed by a liberal Western tradition and the rule of law has become a litmus test for ideological purity in the New Left.

Hypocrites and brainwashed losers, all of them.

Jonathon Narvey is the Editor of The Propagandist.More >>

the propagandist magazine politics political commentary essays conspiracyThe Propagandist is pleased to showcase our most popular political commentary from September. A sincere thanks must go out to our readers, contributors and sponsors. We're getting more traffic, more comments and some generous mentions with hyperlinks from our fellow propagandists all the time. The revolution continues. Check out these links!

Confusion to our enemies!...More >>

The Propagandist Magazine political commentary politics left rightThe Propagandist salutes its contributing writers who are clobbering the enemy on all fronts with hard-hitting political commentary. Here's a roundup of the latest.

Ben Cohen writes about an Iranian Human Rights Advocate Facing Execution Threat Amid Indifference

Tehran's Evin Prison is indelibly linked with the most gruesome abuses of human rights, involving Iranian dissidents foolhardy enough to resist ideological conformity by thinking and acting for themselves. Evin, by all accounts, is a place where cruelty is the norm, where torture is routine, where mass executions are held as the sun rises in the sky, and where suspicious deaths -- such as that of the blogger Omidreza Mirsafayi, in March 2009 -- are dressed up as suicides...

Terry Glavin says No Surrender

Cultural relativism allows us to listen to the power-hungry gun-wielders of a society like the Taliban, and drown out those who, inconveniently, want the same things that we do: democracy, human rights, wealth, and the capacity to live a life of dignity and free of fear. It is easier to ignore the will of Afghan

...More >>

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