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Palestinians Israel

The Propagandist's Allies are near and far, Comrade Grover says. Near. Far. Neeeeaarr. Faaaaaar. Neeaeaaaaarrrr! Faaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrr!

Here are the latest dispatches from the front lines.

Confusion to our enemies!...More >>

The Middle East conflict between the Palestinians and Israel is continuing to intensify. Communications between the two governments can almost be described as non-existent.

A two state resolution has always seemed to be the answer in order for peace to take place and this has been widely supported by all groups within Israel and Palestine and the whole International community. However, the manner in which a two state resolution is conducted will determine whether long term peace is possible.

In May 2011, Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian National Authority announced that the time was right to propose a United Nations resolution to see international recognition of the state of Palestine on the 1967 border. This will be voted on October 5 and already has 122 states supporting the declaration. Britain remains undecided.

The media continues to suggest that this would be a  resolution to the conflict, just as Rizwan Syed wrote in The Independent on Sepember 7, this is seen as “an opportunity that the Palestinians shouldn’t waste”. But the question which we must acknowledge is, does Israel not have a voice also?

As convincing as this proposal might appear, this will not result in peace. The declaration at this...More >>


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