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Palestinian terror

Let's imagine that a violent criminal attacks your home intending to kill you. You defend yourself and the attempted home invader is killed instead.

The psycho's brother decides to take "revenge" upon you for, um, not dying the first time and for killing his "peaceful" brother. Assuming you manage to defend yourself from the coming follow-up assault, you can look forward to further "revenge" attacks by this lunatic's large number of brothers and cousins.

That's not really revenge. That's just a continuous campaign of attempted murder.

Associated Press doesn't seem to get the concept. Reporting on the latest genocidal terror (without calling it that) out of Gaza, their headline reads: Israel hit by 18 rockets as Hamas seeks revenge.

Hamas can say they seek revenge. But AP is not obliged to act as Hamas' propaganda outlet. They don't have to report the news the way Hamas claims to see it. An objective title would be "Israel hit by 18 rockets as Hamas continues attacks". Or perhaps, "Hamas continues to commit war crimes against Israel". How about "Palestinian terrorists continue to fire indiscriminately at Jews"? "Jihadists in Gaza keep firing rockets at Israeli civilian areas"?

Any of those headlines would...More >>


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