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Palestinian propaganda

Remember to keep your receipt from your purchase of M75 Perfume. Every bottle purchased helps fund the murder of innocent civilians in Israel, so if you travel abroad, you might just be treated to an all-expenses paid stay at the "I sponsored genocidal terrorists so now I'm in jail" hotel!

(On the bright side, terrorists are devoting some of their resources to producing an actual non-lethal commodity. On the con side, someone might actually spray this donkey piss on themselves).

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The truth is coming out about a disgusting hoax of a Palestinian woman who seems to have died of leukemia being portrayed by Palestinian propagandists as a martyr struck down by tear gas.

It turns out she wasn't even at the "riot" (which happens every week at a pre-designated time) when Israelis used tear gas to disperse militants (in accordance with riot tactics used pretty much everywhere else by police forces around the world). 

The larger tragedy here seems to be the willingness of Western journalists to lap up lies without actually verifying the facts, so long as they help portray Israel as a brutally repressive police state. See the more succinct comic book version of the story by Elder of Ziyon.

These types of hoaxes and media manipulation are par for the course. And it remains a huge impediment for conflict resolution between Israelis and Palestinians when one side accuses the other of every crime under the sun without regard to little things like facts or the truth.

UPDATE: According to the Palestinian News Network, "Jawaher was not present at the demonstration. She was in her home, approximately 500 meters away from where the gas...More >>


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