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palestinian incitement

Palestinian childrens' television programming is exactly like what you might see in North America or Europe, except for the cute and cuddly mascots' obsessive focus on slaughtering Jews.

Your tax dollars at work.More >>

Elder of Ziyon posted this amusing video about murderous (and in turn, murdered) Palestinian mascots on YouTube back in 2009. (In a classic example of the phenomenon of bread and circuses applied to the Internet, this video has tragically been viewed only 426 times and another 2009 video entitled "Exercise Ball to the Face. Ouch" has been viewed more than 518,000 times). 

It's Sesame Street, jihad-style. You can't expect good kids to grow up to be brilliant terrorists unless they get a quality education, right?More >>

palestinian israeli incitement terror hamas fatah middle east politics education’Tis education forms the common mind,
Just as the twig is bent, the tree’s inclined.

(Alexander Pope, Epistles to Several Persons, 1734)

What do the convicted terrorist Marwan Barghouti (currently serving five life sentences), the suicide bomber who murdered nine people and wounded over 20 others at Tsrifin in 2003, the  founder of the Hamas military wing  Yahya (‘the engineer’) Ayash and the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement have in common?

All of the above terrorists - and several more - studied at Birzeit University near Ramallah which has been under the control of the Palestinian National Authority since the mid 1990s according to the Oslo Accords.

Birzeit is notorious for its extremism and the fact that in elections for its student council, rival terror factions compete for the student vote.

“A third example of a Palestinian university where there has been major crime incitement is Birzeit University near Ramallah. At the end of 2003, elections were held for the student government council. The campaign featured...More >>

The news desk editors must be going insane. The Japanese earthquake tragedy is the top story; it's bigtime news, shutting out everything else. In some of the media, the questions raised about the future of nuclear power almost overshadow the human tragedy. Everyone has their priorities.

Here in Israel, at Itamar, the slaughter of an innocent family, including a three-month old infant, apparently by Palestinian terrorists (the army is still searching), was also largely overshadowed by news of the Japanese earthquake. Israeli news media reported it at large, but it hardly made a blip on international radars. Five people - the parents and three young kids - had their throats slashed as they slept.

Finally, the world’s liberals and human rights activists made soothing statements and declarations of how inhuman & barbaric the perpetrators were. However, some even managed to hint that the victims were actually at fault, for being Israelis, for being Jews, for living in Itamar.

I was sickened at the crocodile tears. The self-same people who incite hatred and terrorism against Israel, were wringing their hands at the “awful tragedy”.

Except that they should have been...More >>

israel campus palestinian radical brainwashing indoctrination universityThe debate regarding anti-Zionism’s anti-Semitic overtones is as ever applicable and is as ever strenuously contested. On a British University campus, I regularly experience screaming denials of bigotry from not just British Islamists and their morally anaemic far-Left supporters, but also from persons considered - or at least self-perceived - to be moderates.

For a while now, I have taken what I consider to be a reasonable and positive perspective: if one ignores the unquestionable suffering and the consequent emotional and rational incentives of the Jewish people to provide themselves with the optimism, prosperity and success of the self-reliance and security of a homeland, then one can reject Zionism - or Jewish nationalism - but only on the absolute condition that one also rejects Palestinian nationalism. To choose one over the other is a consummate hypocrisy that assumes absolutely no rational premise or a desire for peaceful resolution.

One particular NGO, which any rational yet uninformed observer would expect to take an enlightened and progressive position, would be ‘War on Want’ - a registered British charity which received just under half...More >>


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