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Osama bin Laden anniversary

Let the spin begin. We've heard for years that Al Qaeda and its supporters only represent a hard core of (probably insane) Muslim extremists. Some have put forth wild guesses that only one percent of all Muslims around the world would ever fit in that category -- as if one million absolutely bonkers genocidal twerps around the globe wouldn't be anything to be concerned about.

It turns out it's a lot worse than anyone knew (OK, not worse than we knew. But some people still sound surprised). Al Qaeda has all kinds of support throughout the Muslim world. Sure, it's not majority support (though one must wonder -- if you secretly supported an evil bastard like Osama bin Laden, would you be willing to tell a pollster you did, even if they assured you of confidentiality?). But it's more than a statistical blip. A lot more.

In Egypt, a full 21 percent of Muslims have a favorable opinion of a terrorist organization that murders Muslims and non-Muslims alike in pursuit of an apocalyptic agenda of an all-powerful theocratic fascism.

That's about 17 million people who have warm and fuzzy feelings about people who blow up innocents with bombs and...More >>


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