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NYPD Muslim surveillance

I noted recently in Terrorism, Asylum Seekers and the Human Right to Life that discussion of the most basic human right of the right to life has been misakenly dumped in the arena of pro-life and pro-choice debate. It rightly ought to be a central concern in any anti-terrorism strategy. In a world of competing rights, common sense and math should dictate that the rights of many people to not be murdered outweigh the right to privacy of a relative few.

Human Rights Watch has joined a chorus of voices campaigning against surveillance of Muslim communities in New York City; a city that not only has experienced the most infamous example of Islamist terror in modern history, but has managed to avoid subsequent terrorist plots by Muslims only through the effective use of law enforcement.

This is outrageous. Terrorism is a persistent and very real threat and New York City is particularly vulnerable to this kind of attack. An effective defense will not come from stationing soldiers on every streetcorner or putting up a big wall around the famous metropolis, but by diligent and systematic police work. Last year, CBS News noted that 13 terrorist plots against NYC...More >>


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