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Middle East politics

It's unfortunate that the peace deal was not between the Israeli Defense Forces and the Egyptian army. The longstanding treaty is between two sovereign states, not the guys with the guns charged with protecting said states.

A Muslim Brotherhood-dominated Egyptian government could still decide to abrogate this treaty.

As such, the Egyptian military's reassurances are pretty much worthless, unless they're planning on openly running the country - which is a possibility fraught with far more uncertainty than letting civilian elements of Egypt's political spectrum sort themselves out.More >>

Maikel Nabil Sana egyptian conscientious objector middle east politics israel revolution tunisian revoltThe Propagandist's Contributing Writer Niklas Anzinger interviews protester (and first Egyptian conscientious objector) Maikel Nabil Sanad, who faced the repression of a desperate police state clinging to power up close over the past few days.

Q. Maikel, you have just been released from the Egyptian intelligence. What happened and how are you right now?

They arrested me while I was heading to El-Tahrir square. They said that they were preventing anyone to go there to end these demonstrations. They took me in a military Jeep No.  440700. The officer in this jeep beat me a lot. Then they took me to an intelligence office at Rabaa El-Adawya in Nasr City were they beat me again and sexually harassed me.

I was hearing screaming voices of people being tortured all the time. These were the most horrible days of my life.

Q. It is not the first time you got the attention of the state apparatus. Tell us about why you are consistently faced with aggressive attention of...More >>

left nationalist islamist politics media lebanon middle east strasser marxMarx's observation, proffered in The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Napoleon, about history repeating itself first as tragedy, then as farce, has been regurgitated so often that one feels a sheep-like silliness in reciting it again. But that's the thing about transcendent quotes: there are times when no other words capture the nature of the moment as arrestingly.

This dog-eared insight of Highgate Cemetery's most famous resident came to mind while I was reading about Al Akhbar, a Lebanese newspaper that was the subject of a New York Times report this week. Al Akhbar's editorial line is unabashedly leftist. Its editor sits under a framed portrait of Marx himself. The paper's support of gay rights and women's rights makes it, in the words of the Times headline, "a rarity" in a media environment dominated by Saudi-funded platforms that slavishly follow the imperatives of the conservative Arab regimes.

At the same time, Al Akhbar enthusiastically bills Hezbollah as a resistance movement. Its editors laud the late Hezbollah operative Imad Mughniyeh as "Our Che." If there is a Lebanese address for the red-green alliance of leftists...More >>

hamas palestinian terrorist israeli palestinian peace talks middle east amos guioraWhen the latest round of peace talks came around between Israelis and Palestinians, everyone knew it was only a matter of time before Hamas reminded the world of its own low regard for any negotiations with "the Zionist entity". Some critics of the limited results of negotiations suggest that including Hamas is the only way to make progress. But it's difficult to see how Israeli negotiators are supposed to deal with representatives from a genocidal movement openly committed to a Palestinian state "from the river to the sea" built over the ashes of the world's only Jewish state.

The Propagandist's Editor had the chance to interview Amos Guiora, an Israeli-American professor who is an expert on terrorism and military issues. His latest book is Freedom from Religion. He offered his own take on where Hamas is at today and why it seems likely to remain a persistent impediment to any peace deal -- not to mention a horrifying reminder for nearby Arab governments of what can happen if movements like the Muslim Brotherhood gain more...More >>

george galloway stopwar peace activist war jihad hezbollah lebanon middle eastIf one were to accept the insistence of disgraced former UK MP George Galloway and his supporters, one would assume that Galloway is a peace activist; that Galloway desires and cherishes peace.

This would be a grave error. Recent statements given by Galloway during a visit to Edmonton seem to show he isn't that interested in a genuine peace, so much as a one-sided war.

In Edmonton, Galloway spoke to the recent revelations implicating in the assassination of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

“We are told this crime was committed by the Lebanese resistance,” Galloway told his audience. “And we’re told it with the same certainty, by the same people who told us so certainly that Syria had been responsible for this. And we’re supposed to believe it.”

To treat each set of allegations as identical would be facile and cynical. The allegations against Syria were based on the testimony of informants (regardless of how reliable these informants may or may not be). The allegations against Hezbollah are based on evidence.

But not

...More >>

hariri assassination lebanon hezbollah murder united nations investigation cbc hamletTurkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is just the latest political leader to suggest that Lebanon and the international comunity let Hezbollah off the hook for assassinating the Lebanese head of state. He wants them to delay the release of their findings for a year. The problem isn't lack of evidence. There's an overwhelming case that Hezbollah (and by extension, its backers in Syria and Iran) carried out the murder. And there's further proof that the UN was collaborating with those who wanted to hush up the investigation.

The problem is that thanks to the United Nations singular inability to prevent a flood of weapons to Hezbollah, the genocidal movement is now pulling the strings in Lebanon. Even the son of the murdered leader, Lebanese PM Saad Hariri, is too cowed to speak out against the alleged assassins. He doesn't even want journalists talking about this.

One imagines the son to be a Lebanese version of Hamlet. He hears his father's ghost cry "Avenge me!" Yet he is hopelessly unsure about how to carry out...More >>

Later in the NBC interview with Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, we see that the Islamic Republic's view of the American political system actually has much in common with the old Shah's Iran. Here's the current president of Iran:

Is he able to do everything he wishes to? Personally, it's not true. There are different political group, there are a lo-- different lobbyist pressure groups, and more important, there are Zionists there. We say, if he wants to do something, there are certain groups who do not allow him to do so. We think-- President Obama had a lot of good opportunities. For example, including the nuclear swap. Last year, during my visit to New York, I said I am ready to have a debate with President Obama-- in the presence of the media. That was another opportunity. We said in Afghanistan and in Iraq, we can cooperate for the enhancement and improvement of security and democracy. President Obama in his speeches, said he's interested to do so, and to engage in such cooperation. But nothing has yet happened with regard to special position. We think pressure groups do not let him go ahead.

Perhaps you've already seen the classic Mike...More >>

When a card-carrying member of the Axis of Evil and the leading exporter of Wahabbi jihadi indoctrination announce that they're going to "stabilize" your country, it's time to get out of Dodge.

Residents of Beirut must be absolutely thrilled that Syria and Saudi Arabia have taken a renewed interest in Lebanon.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia have pledged to work together to help stabilise Lebanon.

The two men "affirmed they care about backing concord" at talks in Damascus.

On Friday, they will travel to Beirut amid speculation a UN tribunal may soon indict members of Hezbollah for killing the former Lebanese PM, Rafik Hariri.

Expect many Lebanese to celebrate by taking permanent family vacations in the USA, Europe and Canada.

Syrian Imperialists Out Now! Stop Saudi Oppression! No To War! No To Terror!

...More >>



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