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Middle East peace

The Syrian regime has spent the past week or so showing its good faith towards implementation of a "peace plan" by indiscriminately shelling people in a city it has effectively declared the base of the resistance. Over 9,000 people have been killed thus far, with no end in sight.

Meanwhile, the Free Syrian Army has a bone to pick with the way the regime wants to set the terms of the deal with the United Nations:

“When the regime asks Kofi Annan for written guarantees that we will drop our weapons it is actually mocking the United Nations. This is a joke.”

It sounds to me like a genuine peace deal is imminent.

Nadia Khoury is a Contributing Writer for The PropagandistMore >>

Well, I hope you really enjoyed your little "Palestine vote" stunt this week, Mr. Abbas. You won a couple of days worth of great publicity and a temporary reprieve from your own people.

For that, you just lost $200 million.

United States Congress has blocked nearly $200 million in aid for the Palestinian Authority, threatening projects such as food aid, health care, and support for efforts to build a state, The Independent reported Saturday.

Still think the USA isn't going to hit back for your little foreign policy adventure? Stilll think it's a wise idea to bite the hand that feeds?

Tell you what, Abbas: Double down. Even better, let's triple this bet. You want to mess with the USA. Well, first you're going to lose $600 million this year alone.

And then they're really going to get creative. The US government's books are in the toilet. And they've got far better things to spend money on than salaries for convicted jihadist terrorists... like buying drones armed with Hellfire missiles, which are great at killing jihadist terrorists.More >>

Will the Palestine independence vote at the United Nations get scuppered -- before it even gets to a vote? Here's the latest:

The standing committee on new members is tasked with deciding whether the territory known as Palestine meets the criteria for statehood, including possession of a defined territory and a recognized government. Under the U.N. Charter, a new member must also be “peace-loving.”

"Hello, Mr. Abbas? This is the UN calling. We've been going through your application and we just noticed a few anomalies.

"Could you provide a map of your proposed state? Oh, you haven't negotiated the border with Israel, yet? I see. No, not necessarily an issue, but it might be...

"Well, let me ask you, is your organization able to provide effective government in the Gazan portion of your territory? Oh? You're not kidding? The population there is ruled by an internationally-recognized terrorist organization? I'm sorry, I didn't hear that -- you're now unified with this terrorist organization? Oh, dear.

"I'm sorry, I did't catch that? You're heading to a ceremony for a public square that the Palestinian Authority is naming in honor of a suicide bomber? Is that what you said? I...More >>

The Propagandist Israel Palestine Palestinian vote United Nations world politicsThe Propagandist's take on the imminent vote on a Palestinian state is no secret: it's a bad idea for Palestinians who will get nothing substantial and potentially lose $1 billion in funding from fed-up sponsors in the West. It's bad for Israel, which will now have to contend with more frivolous lawfare suits. It's bad for peace in the Middle East. It's potentially bad for global security. It's just plain bad all around.

The Propagandist's Allies are taking on this issue and related matters with the urgency it demands. Here's a quick roundup:

Watch this 15 minute film about a new perspective for peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians based on the discovery of the formerly classified minutes from the San Remo peace conference of April, 1920. By returning to the negotiating table and respecting historical facts and international law, the film posits there can be real peace between Israel and the Palestinians.More >>

The manner in which the world, and in particular the Quartet, responds to the emerging Hamas-Fatah reconciliation will be of prime importance in dictating whether the Middle East will move within the next few months from a situation of no peace to one of all-out war.

If Hamas is allowed by the international community to integrate into the Palestinian Authority without being made to renounce its armed campaigns and without being obliged to recognise Israel's existence, the already terminally ill peace process will come to a very rapid demise.  Not only will Israel not negotiate with a Palestinian government which contains terrorist elements, but the terms of the Roadmap, which up to now have formed the foundations of negotiations, will become devoid of any further relevance.

That, of course, would suit Hamas perfectly; it has done all in its power to scupper the peace process for many years and by its very definition rejects all negotiations intended to lead to a two-state solution. However, it also suits Fatah which, despite dodging the negotiating table with considerable alacrity since negotiations resumed last autumn, received a serious blow to its already...More >>

For most of last week, the Guardian journalist Jonathan Freedland was cast as the erstwhile Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat in a role-play exercise, while Palestinians played Israelis .

Apparently, every time such exercises take place, it is the ‘Palestinians’ who seethe with righteous indignation as the underdog. The  ‘Israelis’ suffered too, the negotiators recognise, but that was ‘in the past’.

How has the peace agenda come to be so seriously skewed? The victims of a genocidal project to destroy the Jews in the Middle East have been turned into aggressors, and Jewish suffering downplayed. Who around the negotiating table remembers that it was the Arabs were rejected the UN Partition Plan for Palestine, and launched a war of annihilation against Israel in 1948? Who remembers the Arab League secretary-general Azzam Pasha’s spine-chilling promise in 1947: ‘This will be a war of extermination and a momentous massacre which will be spoken of like the Mongolian massacres and the Crusades’?  

 It was a good week, writes Freedland. He negotiated Israel back to the 1967 borders.That was the easy bit, Jonathan. Did the ‘Israeli ‘negotiators’ get the ‘Palestinians’ renounce  their ‘right of return’ to Israel proper?

...More >>

Of course, the headline is untrue. It would also have been untrue -- and absolutely shocking -- if we had offered the following variations:

  • A Third Of Japanese Support The Murder Of 5 Chinese in their home
  • A Third Of Americans Support The Murder Of 5 Mexicans in their home
  • A Third Of Russians Support The Murder Of 5 Germans in their home

Or this one:

  • A Third Of Israelis Support The Murder Of 5 Palestinians in their home

Unfortunately, the headline below is true (following the actual murder of an Israeli family in their sleep) -- and worse, it's not all that shocking:

We've come to expect that a substantial portion of the Palestinian population will support terrorism and murder aimed at Israelis anytime, anywhere. And this is all deemed perfectly normal. Surely, such attitudes could not be an impediment to peace in the Middle East?

Jonathon Narvey is the Editor of The Propagandist

...More >>

peace treaty sand fragile middle east politics egypt israel palestinian conflictVeteran American media personality Christiane Amanpour of ABC TV taped an interesting interview with His Excellency Sameh Shoukry, Egypt’s Ambassador to the USA.

She led him along politely with mild “who-is-in-charge” and “where-is-Mubarak” type queries, gradually leading to questions about how the new Egypt will relate to the presently-strong ties with the USA, and more importantly to us: would Egypt continue to uphold the 30-something-years peace agreement with Israel? Amanpour obviously expected this issue to be the crowning concern of the interview.

The Ambassador wasn’t rattled. He demonstrated his diplomatic mettle. He spoke of the importance to Egypt of continuing firm and friendly US-Egyptian relations (despite Egypt’s horrendous human rights record, it is a major beneficiary of US largesse), and went on to talk of how the close relationship benefits Egypt, including its stability and prosperity.

On the subject Israel-Egyptian relations, the Ambassador was adamant that these would not change. He went so far as to say that “[ … Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel] is a main element of...More >>

A sequence of provocative actions is making conflict in the Middle East more likely with each passing day. That is why it is important for the world to recognize those who work for peace on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Propagandist's expert political commentator Terry Glavin focuses on the case of one man - Mohamed Abu Mualiek - and why we must take action now to save him.

"They will say that I am a collaborator, and I don’t care much because I know that I am on the right side and that I’m telling the truth for the people to know. That they must not be afraid to tell the truth because these are the basics of a real Muslim – to tell the truth and be a peaceful man whether it kills him or gives him new life."

Mohamed Abu Muailek is a Palestinian, a former militant who once fired rockets from Gaza into Israel. It was only partly because of an internet friendship with one of the "enemy" that Mohamed changed his mind. He'd decided that violence was wrong and he became a dissident, arguing that Palestinians should seek co-existence with...More >>


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