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Jihadist killing in the London street.

"We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you...Your people will never be safe."More >>

Last night on Channel 10, Zvi Yehezkeli gave us an insightful look into the Islamization of Europe, and it’s frightening.

Yehezkeli is a senior reporter on Arab affairs and speaks fluent Arabic. He also looks typically “Middle Eastern” (whatever that means) so he could easily present himself as an Arab or Moslem immigrant and interview others.

At first I thought the whole presentation would be Islamophobic. But it wasn't.

Because the reporter showed us real scenes of real people talking about their real lives. First in Sweden (Malmo, where 80% of the students at the school he visited are Moslems), then in France, in a Paris suburb where the police just don’t go! Yehezkeli also interviewed senior police officers to discuss the problems, and at least two Mayors (one quoted a statistic of a 600% crime increase in a year in an area where 75%-80% of the population is Moslem).

Sweden, Norway, Belgium, France …. Which will be the first Islamic European country with sharia law? After I heard these people on TV last night, I don’t want to be around when it happens. At least there will be an Israel for the Jews, if they can escape.

Jonathan...More >>

Left-wing blogger Obliged to Offend says what left-wing bloggers should have been saying for decades in no uncertain terms: It's time to stop using the term 'Islamophobia':

For those of us who are averse to religion and abhor prejudice (it is possible, I assure you), it is both insulting as well as dishonest to have it implied that our criticism of monotheism is the equivalent of colour prejudice. As Pascal Bruckner puts it in his book The Tyranny of Guilt, “To speak of islamophobia is to maintain the crudest confusion between a religion, a specific system of belief, and the faithful who adhere to it…Must we then speak of anticapitalist, antiliberal, antisocialist, and anti-Marxist racism?”.

 More >>

The infamous case of the Shafia honour killings has made international headlines thanks to the horrific details of the mass-murder itself and the outrageous conduct of the defendants during the trial. A father, mother and son murdered the family's three daughters and the polygamous husband's first wife. It is certain to become a textbook example of honour killings, carried out according to the tribal traditions of numerous Islamic states; an abominable cultural import into the Western world.

The evidence seemed so overwhelming in this case (notwithstanding the almost-immediate launch of an appeal) that few objective observers could have been surprised by the harsh sentences of life in prison; 25 years without parole, according to Canadian law.

Indeed, one surprising commentator often (and weirdly) used as an alleged voice of Canada's Muslim community by the mainstream media appears to have felt compelled to make a statement that at once condemns the guilty. He does so while also seeming to partly blame the government that accepted this immigrant family in the first place. 

Pay close attention to the words of Calgary-based Imam Syed Soharwardy:

‘I talked about domestic violence and honour killing. That this is absolutely horrible crimes that in Muslim

...More >>

The Propagandist magazine human rights politics news commentaryThe Propagandist's Allies are on the warpath. Better get out of their way, bubba.

This is for you, Tim.More >>

Someone bureaucrat really ought to throw the book at the former head of "Islam 4 UK" for hate speech against Islam. Look at the awful lies he tells about Muslims in the wake of the death of Osama bin Laden.

I think that Sheikh Osama bin Laden, in fact, is symbolic of the struggle by the Muslims to liberate their land. He is at the head of the [unintelligible] Islam; liberating Muslim land; defending the life, honor, and property of the Muslims; working to establish the shari'a. Therefore, undoubtedly, the Muslims will be sad. But his legacy is such that he is the first generation of a whole new generation of people who believe very firmly in their hearts in the concept of jihad, and therefore I think he will be remembered by many generations to come. The love for the jihad, the love for the shariah, is something that he imbibed [sic] in many hearts, and that is a blessing from Allah. We believe that the lifestyle is something which ultimately will [unclear] all our wishes.

"So, he was going to die today, or whenever he died,

...More >>

Journalist Johann Hari of the Independent delves into the awful reality of Muslims in one community systematically attacking gays in Britain. Political correctness in the face of this brutality has helped silence protest, practically guaranteeing it would get worse:

These are not isolated incidents. East London has seen the highest increase in homophobic attacks anywhere in Britain. Everybody knows why, and nobody wants to say it. It is because East London has the highest Muslim population in Britain, and we have allowed a fanatically intolerant attitude towards gay people to incubate there, in the name of “tolerance”. The most detailed opinion survey of British Muslims was carried out by Gallup, who correctly predicted the result of the last general election. In their extensive polling, they found literally no British Muslims who would say homosexuality is “morally acceptable.” Every one of the Muslims they polled objected to it. Even more worryingly, younger Muslims had more stridently anti-gay views than older Muslims. These attitudes have consequences – and they are worst of all for gay Muslims, who have to live a sham half-life of lies, or be shunned by their families.

...More >>

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