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Iron Dome Israel

political propaganda world politics news Israel China USA RepublicanThe Propagandist's Allies are not deterred by withering artillery or rocket barrages. They grit their teeth and move forward against the blazing guns. Bullets bounce off them. Tanks are crushed beneath their feet. That's because The Propagandist's Allies are all Gamma-irradiated mutants. Hulk SMASH puny humans!

Here are the latest dispatches from the front:

Iron Dome smacks 12 Hamas rockets out of the sky as Israelis run for bomb shelters. Meanwhile, the Hamas terrorists who fired the rockets are no doubt hanging out in a packed civilian area full of human shields because they know Israel actually values innocent human life.More >>

Israel's anti-missile capability in action against a rocket fired from Gaza.

The Iron Dome works... to a point. Hamas has still managed to fire dozens of rockets on Israel in the last few days. Israel may have the technology, but shooting down a $5 rocket with a $100,000 missile doesn't make much sense to me.

Killing the terrorists who are firing the rockets is still the more efficient solution.More >>


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