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hamas terrorism

Gaza terrorism Hamas rockets targeting Israeli civiliansRocket attacks on civilians are nothing new for Israel. Every day, Palestinian terrorists try to murder human beings indiscriminately... And every day, most of the hundreds of international reporters in Israel ignore it.

The Israel Project does great work highlighting these kinds of horors that somehow escape the notice of most people (or worse, are rationalized as a justified response -- to what? There is no occupation in Gaza and there hasn't been one since 2005. Not that firing indiscriminately on civilian populations isn't a war crime in any case...).

As an aside, I just wish Facebook had something different from a "Like" button. Right now, it would appear that 172 people "Like" the fact that "68 rockets targeted Israeli civilians in 12 hours on Oct. 24, 2012" -- which is not really their intent.

Israel Project Facebook...More >>

North Korean-style hijinks are afoot in the holy land. Some military analysts and news junkies will recall the tunnels North Korea built underneath the DMZ as a surprise invasion route to the South. Since the North knew its antiquated military couldn't punch its way through the fortified South Korean-American lines, the idea was to go under, envelop the defenders and storm into Seoul (When discovered, Pyongyang explained away the tunnels as coal mine shafts, or simply insisted that the ROK had dug them to invade the North).

Now the Palestinian Authority has announced, as part of a $1 billion economic development fund, a plan to construct a subway tunnel between Rafah and Beit Hanoun.

Something doesn't add up, here.

Subways are expensive pieces of transportation infrastructure. They can cost hundreds of millions of dollars to build. It's not like the Palestinians don't have other more pressing financial needs (like funding the salaries of convicted murderers of Israelis). And they are usually built in dense urban centers with thriving business districts that are already facing massive gridlock.

But Rafah is a town of just 71,000 in the southern Gaza Strip. And Beit Hanoun is...More >>

Hamas never educed its efforts to kill Israelis if the opportunity presents itself. But Israeli security tactics -- perhaps most critically, the security wall, have helped reduce those opportunities. The Hamas terror war effectively was ended  in thanks to the vigilance of IDF forces.

In that context, the Wall Street Journal seems to be trying to revise recent history:

Hamas has scaled back its use of violence in recent years, halting suicide bombings and reining in the firing of rockets at Israel. Still, Hamas militants in the West Bank were responsible for a number of shootings of Israeli settlers in the West Bank last year. Last month, Hamas militants in Gaza fired an antitank missile at an Israeli school bus, killing one child.

There is a difference between halting suicide bombings and being prevented from launching suicide bombings. And for every rocket attack Hamas has "reigned in", it has likely launched at least 10 others.

Even if the first line of the paragraph were true, the rest of the paragraph utterly contradicts it.

There is double-talk and double-think. The WSJ is guilty of both.

Jonathon Narvey is the Editor of...More >>

Today's message from Hamas to the United Nations:

"Hey guys! We've been launching rockets indiscriminately at Israeli towns and cities from Gaza for the last week or so. The problem is that the Israelis keep firing back!

"We'd like you to get them to stop shooting at us so that we can kill them easier. Have a nice day and thank you for your ongoing support for our Jew-killing campaign."

More >>

It’s that time of year again. The anti-Israeli movement is once again firing the best agitprop they have to offer for Israeli Apartheid Week, those delightful five days of every year where  anti-Israeli movement comes together to pretend that Israel is an apartheid state, despite the fact that their political system in no way resembles apartheid.

So in anticipation of this week, it seems worthwhile to remind readers precisely what kind of rhetoric the anti-Israel movement will be passing off on audiences of like-minded demagogues and unsuspecting dupes.

For this we step into the way back machine and travel back to 2009, after Israel attacked Hamas militants in Gaza. In the early days of January, CNN’s Rick Sanchez produced a segment in which it was suggested that Israel may have broken the ceasefire, leading to the conflict itself. This was precisely the claim made by Mustafa Barghouti, and Indepdendent member of the Palestinian Legislative Council. Barghouti himself often indulges himself in apartheid rhetoric.

The segment addressed his claim that Israel broke the ceasefire. Sanchez confirmed reports that, in November of 2008, Israeli forces killed six Hamas gunmen in a raid. Hamas then retaliated by launching rocket attacks on...More >>

On the eve of peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, Hamas claims another "victory" in the long war of resistance against the Zionist entity.

The victims were all from the same family and included a pregnant woman aged 25, another woman aged 40, and two men, also aged 25 and 40, all from the settlement of Beit Haggai.

Some victory.More >>


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