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Global March to Jerusalem

As thousands are being murdered in Syria by the Assad regime and basic human rights are trampled upon by the fundamentalists in Iran, one may legitimately ask why the GMJ marchers are not marching on Damascus or Tehran. For that matter, you might ask why some of the most notorious terrorists and human rights abusers in the world are salivating at the prospect of jihad-happy "martyrs" throwing themselves at Israels borders in human wave attacks -- knowing full well that these mobs will likely be met with force.

If you think Israel would be out of line using violence against illegal intruders, try a little thought experiment: 2 million Pakistani "civilians" cruising towards the border with India; 10 million Mexicans simultaneously running towards Texas; 20 million Chinese going on a quick jog over the border with Russia; choose any two countries and imagine a massive migration happening in a single afternoon -- it doesn't matter whether the countries are friendly or not. In minutes, they wouldn't be... and Israelis are under no illusions already about just how friendly the people are just across their borders.

In reality, the march will likely include thousands, not the millions...More >>

An odd assortment of stoppists, weirdos and rejectionists of a two-state solution for Israel and the Palestinians. Courtesy of the good people Exposing the Truth about the Global March to Jerusalem, here's a small sampling:

Khawla Ibrahim is an executive member of Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War and a member of the Palestinian Association of Hamilton, both of which are endorsers of the Global March to Jerusalem.  According to this petition which Ibrahim signed in 2010, she rejects negotiations as part of the peace process.

The fundraising event was organised by Wael Ghuneim – another member  (and president) of the Palestinian Association of Hamilton. Ghuneim is one of the GMJ organisers in Canada, together with Ali Mallah and Ken Stone, who put out this document on behalf of the three of them.  

Ghuneim, Ibrahim and Stone were all involved in the Canadian Boat to Gaza flotilla project in 2011, along with their associated organisations; the Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War, the Palestinian Association of Hamilton and Independent Jewish Voices...More >>

Those of us who are committed to finding a peaceful solution to the thorny issue of the Arab-Israeli conflict - one which will allow both Palestinians and Israelis to live and prosper without the eternal threat of violence – can be sure of one thing. The extremism, hatred and incitement employed by terror organisations and their fellow travellers in the Red-Green alliance are constantly at work to try to douse that tiny flame of hope.

As was the case in previous years, new attempts to undermine Israel's legitimacy by engineering highly publicised stunts with potentially violent outcomes are planned for the coming months. The first of these is scheduled for March 30th 2012 and is named the 'Global March to Jerusalem'.

The concept is to have masses of people (the organisers are hoping for a million) gathering on Israel's borders with Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt and demanding to reach Jerusalem. Concurrently, demonstrations are planned in the Palestinian-administered territories and against Israel's diplomatic missions in cities around the world.

The march's organisers describe it as a potential 'tipping point' in the protracted conflict and the common denominator of its varied supporters is that they...More >>


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