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cuba libre

cuba libre fidel castro dictator latin america politics human rightsWith a new monster winter storm moving around North America leaving citizens frozen and snow-bound in its wake, many folks will be considering taking refuge on some sunny beach. Cuba is one such popular destination for Canucks; a troubling tradition, as 24 Hours columnist Bill Tieleman points out:

Unfortunately for the Cuban people, their country is run by a repressive military dictatorship that rejects democracy and severely punishes those who speak out for change. 

Even leaving the country is close to impossible for most of its citizens, some of whom still take desperate measures to escape the island on dangerous rafts.

In those circumstances, I cannot in good conscience support Cuba’s government by being a Canadian tourist there.

Like Vaclav Havel – who fought a repressive regime in his own country and was jailed for five years – I am deeply troubled by the Cuban communist government of former President Fidel Castro and now his brother Raul’s flagrant and ongoing violations of basic human rights.

"We cannot pretend

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