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creeping sharia

The Propagandist Editor Jonathon Narvey interviews Abigail Esman, a New York and Amsterdam-based writer and author of "Radical State: How Jihad Is Winning Over Democracy In the West" on the topic of stealth jihad.

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Peter Tatchell, a famous campaigner for LGBT rights attends a counter-demonstration against the EDL in East London, intending to "defend the Muslim community against EDL thuggery". 

What happened next was fairly predictable, for everyone it seems except Tatchell:

We got dirty looks from a small number of left-wing and LGBT anti-EDL protesters, some of whom said explicitly that our placards were “insensitive...provocative...inappropriate...divisive” and that I am “racist...fascist...anti-Muslim.”


There was also hostility from a minority of Muslims who were part of the anti-EDL demonstration, including attempts to snatch and rip my placard. These fanatics mostly objected to the slogan: "Gays & Muslims UNITE! Stop the EDL". I was surrounded several times throughout the day by angry Muslim youths who ordered me: “You must remove this placard...You can’t walk here with these words...We don’t allow gays in this area...Gays are not permitted here...We don’t have gays in Tower Hamlets.”

When I suggested that LGBT Muslims must also be defended against the EDL, I was told: “Gays can’t be Muslims...We will never accept them (LGBT Muslims)...They can’t come around here...We won’t allow it.”

He went on to say how his next move was to argue with them... which seems like...More >>


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