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canadian peace alliance

The Propagandist world politics political pundit comment writersThe Propagandist is beating swords into ploughshares as a transitional stage before melting them down and molding the slag into battle tank turrets. This is some of us spend our weekends.

Here is a roundup of some of the most popular political punditry at The Propagandist:

Confusion to our enemies!...More >>

The Canadian Peace Alliance will take part in the Occupy Bay Street rumpus in Toronto tomorrow. "The contingent is part of the CPA's mandate to connect with and support new and growing movements for peace and justice. In that spirit, the CPA has recently launched a campaign called "Peace and prosperity, not war and austerity," making the links between rapidly increasing military spending and severe cuts to social services like healthcare and education."

I read CPA resolutions so you don't have to. Here are some resolutions from this weekend's "Canadian Peace Alliance" convention:


"Therefore Be It Resolved that the Canadian Peace Alliance urge the Government of Canada to make it a priority toeliminate the military and to divert the funding of military recruitment, facilities, equipment, etc, to human needs and social programs."

". . . .Be It Further Resolved that the Canadian Peace Alliance continues its campaign to curtail all activities and funding for Military Recruitment in all Canadian educational facilities and divert these funds towards non-violent peace studies as well as methods to reverse climate change."


...More >>

The tanks roll in. The bloody massacre continues.

code pink politics peace movementMeanwhile, Code Pink, Stopwar UK, the Canadian Peace Alliance and their "peace movement" friends have absolutely nothing to say about any of this.

The reality just doesn't fit with their perception of the USA, Israel and NATO countries being the cause of all violence and mayhem anywhere in the world.

stopwar uk peace movement politics activistThat's OK. Just keep ignoring the real problem. After the dictator has slaked his thirst for blood, we can all go back to blaming the West.

It won't be hard. You could always make the case that not doing anything to stop the regime is tantamount to helping them. And since the West is so rich and powerful and could obviously make Assad stop with a mere word (and cash-stuffed suitcase), we're even more culpable than the bastards carrying out this rape-and-pillage operation.

Canadian peace</body></html>...More >>

useful idiots vladimir lenin canadian left wing socialist islamist alliance communist peace war politics

A popular but apocryphal legend tells us that Lenin cynically coined the term “useful idiots” to denote Western sympathizers of the Soviet regime.  A BBC radio documentary of the same name appeared last summer, outlining the history of such individuals, from Walter Duranty’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Stalinist propaganda in the 1930s to those who defend the authoritarian government of Iran today.  Useful idiots are also prevalent in Canada’s far left milieu, acting in support of such diverse causes as anti-democratic Islamism in the Middle East, Communism in Cuba, Bolivarian socialism in Venezuela, and even the re-establishment of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.  An overview of the far left scene shows us how each group specializes in the defence of a particular autocracy.  Like their Stalinist predecessors, these modern useful idiots are attracted to the ideological prestige and recruiting potential that come with such efforts.

The Canadian far left’s current direction on foreign issues began with the Iraq War in 2003.  Socialist Voice, an online magazine, emerged out of a 2003-2004 debate within the Communist League, a Trotskyist...More >>


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