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Good question. It is an urgent one, considering the facts in found in Oxfam and Friends, a new report by Stand For Peace:

This report reveals that Oxfam has partnered with groups that support terrorism, religious extremism, anti-Semitism and advocate violence against Jews, women and homosexuals.

But what exactly defines a partnership? Oxfam has sponsored events, issued joint press releases, and run campaigns with all these groups. Certainly, if these were far-Right groups, the criticism of Oxfam’s associations would be much more loud and severe. And yet some of these groups listed advocate ideas that are even more extreme than the evil politics peddled by far-Right.

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Elder of Ziyon provides an excellent summary of the bizarrro thinking by those who seek to deligitimize the Jewish state:

OK, let me get this straight. The Zionists were complicit in the Holocaust against non-Zionist Jews. But the Holocaust really didn't happen. Even so, what the Israelis do to Palestinian Arabs is worse than the non-existent Holocaust.

And most Jews weren't Zionist, and the Nazis' nonexistent persecution of Jews was only towards the assimilated non-Zionist Jews, while they kept the Zionists alive. The Zionists of the era were the ones who follow the Torah and Talmud - like Golda Meir, who worked hard to ensure that no Jews could emigrate to any other country in accordance with Torah teachings. That's OK, because the Jews only went to "detention camps."

After the war, presumably, there were lots of Zionist Jews who were spared by their Nazi friends who then used the non-existent Holocaust that they engineered to make the world give them a new ghetto in the middle of hostile Muslim Arabs, an ideal location in order to persecute the then-unknown Palestinians.

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