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Amnesty International

Amnesty International wants you to send Omar Khadr a "welcome home message to cheer him up."

Meanwhile, Omar had to leave many of his possessions behind in Guantánamo, including books, pictures and letters from his family and supporters. While being in Canada - even in though still in prison - is great improvemnt, the transition is challenging and some words of welcome would go a long way.

Please use the form in the right hand panel to share a message with Omar Khadr and others following the case. The messages will be collected and given to Omar Khadr’s legal team.

I'll get right on that.

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The walking dead isn't just the subject of a gory drama on television. Amnesty International's latest figures for 2011 show 18,750 people were living under a death sentence in 2011. 

As usual, Iran, North Korea, Somalia and Saudi Arabia carried out public executions to terrorist the populace and keep them in line.

Also as usual, the despotic regimes of the Middle East tried to lead the way in bloodshed, though we can suspect that the Chinese have no close rival in this regard:

There were at least 360 judicial killings in Iran (up from 252+ in 2010), at least 82 in Saudi Arabia (up from 27+), and at least 68 in Iraq (up from 1+). However, as in previous years, the figures do not include the thousands of prisoners thought to have been executed in China, and Amnesty has also received credible reports that a large number of unacknowledged executions took place in Iran, executions that would almost double the number of 'official' ones there.

But there is another story here aside from the horrific scale of the terror in certain rogue countries. Interestingly, the video produced by Amnesty International (seen above)...More >>

The Propagandist world politics political pundit comment writersThe Propagandist is beating swords into ploughshares as a transitional stage before melting them down and molding the slag into battle tank turrets. This is some of us spend our weekends.

Here is a roundup of some of the most popular political punditry at The Propagandist:

Confusion to our enemies!...More >>

She was eighteen years old.

The family was visiting a morgue to identify the body of Zainab’s activist brother Mohammad, who was also arrested and apparently tortured and killed in detention. Zainab had been decapitated, her arms cut off, and skin removed.

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islamist taliban afghanistan united nations casualties

The Taliban are apparently increasingly sensitive to public relations, as shown by their recent irate response to a UN report showing that the psychopathic Islamo-fascist militia of demons is responsible for three quarters of civilian deaths in the Afghan conflict. In a statement released to the media, the Talibs professed that,

The Islamic Emirate considers the latest United Nations report as a self-fabricated figure and believes that this is also a propagandist effort for covering the American brutalities like the past nine years in Afghanistan. 

After terrorizing the civilian population for five years in power followed by eight years as insurgents, the Taliban should hardly be surprised by these numbers. No one else is it seems.

In August 2010, Amnesty International called for the Taliban and other insurgent groups in Afghanistan to be prosecuted for war crimes on account of their systemic and deliberate targeting of civilians. At that time, Amnesty noted that,

Attacks by the Taleban and other anti-government forces accounted for more than 76% of civilian casualties and 72% of deaths.

In the

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