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The Propagandist magazine online media advertise politics politicalAs The Propagandist magazine's readership has grown, so has the discussion in the Comments section at the end of each article. We love engaging wth our readers and hosting conversations about our articles.

(See that "Add new comment" link? Go ahead and click it. Add a comment. You know you want to).

Unfortunately, along with the responsible commenters, we're seeing more than our fair share of abusive and defamatory comments by Trolls (Well, mostly one persistent and obsessive Troll, actually). These sorts of comments get deleted. We're publicizing The Propagandist Magazine's Comment Policy to cut down a bit on our own administration time and deter more Trolls from taking up residence here.

One last note before we go over the finer details of our Comment Policy: We reserve the right to not publish any comment left by Anonymous cowards. At least have the common decency to come up with a fake name and email address.

We've adapted our own Comment Policy very lightly from the one used by the Huffington Post. If...More >>


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