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Cross-Posting Policy

propagandist magazine publishing policy cross posting social webThe Propagandist does not cross-post complete articles from other magazines or websites.

The only exceptions to this are when promoting specific events or calls to action such as in laudable campaigns to save innocent people from imminent persecution, torture or execution, or if one of our writers has been given prior permission for select articles to be cross-posted elsewhere. This is not common.

In a spirit of reciprocity, we also ask that other publications not cross-post our original articles on to their websites.

How To Quote And Link To Articles From The Propagandist

Of course, we love it when other websites link to us and promote our writers' articles. Links and quotes of up to several paragraphs are totally fine. If you represent a website that would like to link to The Propagandist's original content, here's how you can do it:

  1. Write a new title for your article
  2. Write a new introduction for your article
  3. Insert up to several paragraphs from one of our articles
  4. Include a hyperlink back to the specific article you quoted from

Why We Don't Cross-Post

The Propagandist is primarily a web-based magazine. If our original content is consistently available on other websites, there is no reason to check in here.

That means advertisers won't advertise with us. And that means this online magazine will die.

  • Bad For SEO

Best practices for search engine optimization essentially forbid publishing duplicate content. Google will downgrade the search relevance of both the original site and the duplicate site. It's a lose-lose proposition for any magazine looking to boost its readership.

Basically, cross-posting is bad for websites.

Linking And Quoting Versus Cross-Posting

We often link to articles on other websites and may include excerpts of up to several paragraphs. That is in keeping with the spirit of a "social" web. And it's totally cool.

However, wholesale copying of articles is not part of our editorial policy for the reasons stated above.

Thank you for your understanding.


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