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According to "Ha'aretz" this week, Samiah Zaharaladin-Kador, has been appointed to its Board of Directors by the Israel Ports Development Company, a government entity. She is (gasp!) both a woman and an Arab!

Are women and Arabs taking over here? Or is this just another example of Israel's long-standing policy of gender and racial/ethnic equality?

Jonathan Danilowitz is a Contributing Writer for The Propagandist who lives in Israel.More >>

The Times of Israel reports:

Hezbollah MP Walid Sakariya told Lebanese television this week that the nuclear weapon Iran is allegedly developing is intended to annihilate Israel. . .

“This nuclear weapon is intended to create a balance of terror with Israel, to finish off the Zionist enterprise...,” Sakariya said.

Reached for comment, an Iranian official, speaking on condition of anonymity said: "Well, yeah--but only for peaceful purposes of medical research."More >>

One just wants to shake one’s head at the controversy over hapless presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s comments (a.k.a. “gaffe”) regarding the role of “culture” in Israeli economic success and presumed Palestinian lack thereof. (1, 2)

Predictably, many responses were rhetorically overheated. The Palestinian Authority’s dour Saeb Erekat promptly declared that Romney’s statement was “racist.” Argument over, right?

One senses here a certain resistance to any attempt at critical generalization. Still, the general reaction is readily understandable. Obviously, any purported comparison of Israeli and Palestinian economic performance that does not take into account “the occupation” and Palestinian lack of sovereignty is, uh, let us say, incomplete. Less obviously but just as important, however, there is a real argument to be had concerning the effects of “culture”—whether in the sense of collective values or of the resultant institutions and policies—on the overall “success” of societies.

Whatever role “culture” may or may not have played in the initial success of the Jewish state, it is undeniable that a change in culture in those broader senses has, in the space of a generation, helped to catapult Israel from the level of wannabee...More >>

Once again, Palestinians single-minded reliance on terrorism has backfired spectactularly. Sixteen dead Egyptian soldiers later, the Egyptian authorities may have noticed that Islamist terrorists have no compunction about murdering Egyptians for the sake of getting their hands on a couple of jeeps and explosives that achieved zilch against the "Zionist enemy". 

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood is the ideological precursor to Hamas, so there's no shortage of irony in this tragic situation. Will the ideologues now repudiate the terrorists who have taken MB ideas to their logical end?

Jonathan Tobin ponders the possible consequences in Commentary.More >>

"If you must hack our sites, at least leave something beautiful."

McCann Digital. "Your graphic design skills are sorely lacking. May we suggest something more cheerful along these lines?"

H/T Elder of ZiyonMore >>

Surfing with the Devil, Israeli Palestinian, Middle East peace, surfing GazaIn February of 2009 I arrived in the Middle East with a knapsack full of wetsuits to deliver to the Gaza Surf Club. I was motivated by a sense of utter despair over what appeared to be the hopelessness of the situation in the Middle East  and a belief in the importance of a shared passion between two supposedly adverserial people.

While surfing in itself won’t solve the problems of the Middle East it does create moments of peacefulness where the so-called enemy is demystified. Peace is a political process, but luckily friendship isn’t. Initiating actions on the grassroots level between common people is a much faster way to move things. Surfing as a peaceful way of living is just perfect for this goal. Why not just go out and forget about our worries for a moment? This is what the Arabs in Israel do when they go surf, this is what the Israeli surfers do when they go out, and it’s the same for the guys in Gaza.

 A year later on the...More >>

In the mind of at least one senior American official, the Hezbollah (and ultimately, Iranian-backed) suicide bombing of Israelis on a bus in Bulgaria, is to be understood as "tit for tat".

Tit: Alleged Israeli assassinations of scientists working on a program that has a very good chance of being used by a mad regime to exterminate Jews from the Middle East (and if "Palestine" becomes a radioactive wasteland, so be it).

Tat: Murdering innocent tourists on a bus.

The equivalence should be obvious. Nothing out of the ordinary, here.

Iran's nuclear scientists are not the equivalent of high school teachers, social workers, tourists on vacation or other civilians. They're not even like other scientists. These people are not armed combatants, it is true; but if Iran was using scientists to build a 30,000-ton washing machine or television set to be dropped on Israel from outer space, would those scientists still be considered "civilian" targets?

Nuclear technology can be used to generate electricity or it can be used to build the most fearsome weapons known to humankind. Given Iran's previous threats to destroy the "Zionist entity" and Hezbollah's declared intent to hunt down every Jew they can find, Israel's killing...More >>

Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah in Lebanon once said he hoped that the Jews would gather in Israel so he wouldn’t have to hunt them down globally. It's clear Hezbollah and their Iranian backers long ago ran out of patience for the fish-in-a-barrell mass extermination model and are on the hunt for Jews worldwide -- as they have always been, to be totally honest.

A suicide bomber boarded a bus in Bulgaria carrying Israeli passengers and blew himself up, killing 7 (so far). There were 44 people on the bus.

This took place on the anniversary of the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community centre in Buenos Aires, also likely carried out by Iranian agents.

This follows on the heels of a number of terror attacks on Israeli targets worldwide by Iranian-sponsored terrorists.

If you happen to be in conversation with someone this week who suggests that these terrorist attacks on innocent civilians are horrible but you have to understand what those Nazi Israelis are doing in Palestine... you have our permission to give them an atomic wedgie....More >>

Why has a popular mainstream webzine decided to partner with a website that regularly delves into anti-Semitic tropes?

Perhaps because anti-Semitism is now mainstream.

Salon partners with Mondoweiss. The poison spreads.More >>

Actually, since taxpayers ultimately pay for the United Nations, that means you're paying for child abuse in Gaza. The abusers aren't Israeli, but Palestinian.

But rather than fun activities or education designed to promote peace or productive skills, the Hamas camps are geared toward indoctrinating and training the terrorists of the future. The 70,000 children taking part in the “We Will Live Honorably” camps are forced to undergo paramilitary training that apparently includes forcing them to walk on nails and knife blades as well as preparing them for prison.

"But wait," you say. The kids aren't being trained as terrorists in UNRWA summer camps. The reason they're in Hamas camps is because the UNRWA camps were shut down by Hamas! How can the UN still be responsible?

Thanks to UNRWA operations in Gaza, Hamas operations are effectively subsidized by the UN. The UNRWA certainly doesn't distinguish in hiring Hamas or non-Hamas personnel. In case that didn't quite sink in the first time, UNRWA doesn't discriminate against terrorists when it hires people: "Ah, I see here on your resume that you have been a member of Hamas for five years. I think we've got...More >>



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