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Z Word

Why has a popular mainstream webzine decided to partner with a website that regularly delves into anti-Semitic tropes?

Perhaps because anti-Semitism is now mainstream.

Salon partners with Mondoweiss. The poison spreads.More >>

Actually, since taxpayers ultimately pay for the United Nations, that means you're paying for child abuse in Gaza. The abusers aren't Israeli, but Palestinian.

But rather than fun activities or education designed to promote peace or productive skills, the Hamas camps are geared toward indoctrinating and training the terrorists of the future. The 70,000 children taking part in the “We Will Live Honorably” camps are forced to undergo paramilitary training that apparently includes forcing them to walk on nails and knife blades as well as preparing them for prison.

"But wait," you say. The kids aren't being trained as terrorists in UNRWA summer camps. The reason they're in Hamas camps is because the UNRWA camps were shut down by Hamas! How can the UN still be responsible?

Thanks to UNRWA operations in Gaza, Hamas operations are effectively subsidized by the UN. The UNRWA certainly doesn't distinguish in hiring Hamas or non-Hamas personnel. In case that didn't quite sink in the first time, UNRWA doesn't discriminate against terrorists when it hires people: "Ah, I see here on your resume that you have been a member of Hamas for five years. I think we've got...More >>

The psychoanalysis of Nazis buttresses the findings already made about the banality of evil. Ben Cohen explores Evil and Id in Jewish Ideas Daily:

Landing by parachute unannounced, Hess hoped to engineer a peace settlement to neutralize the Western front, thereby enabling Germany to focus on its offensive against the Soviets. Expecting passage to Churchill's office, Hess was instead placed under the watchful eye of Dr. Henry Dicks, a prominent army psychiatrist. Over the next four years, in Scotland, London, and Wales, Hess became a one-man laboratory for the study of Nazism at the level of the subconscious.


Hess proved an irritating composite of eccentric and neurotic personality types, an infantile baby and an inhuman brute.  Pick describes a man obsessed with herbs and potions, in thrall to the occult ideas of the hyper-nationalist, anti-Semitic Thule Society, which he joined as a young man. He claimed amnesia (“if I got my memory back, I would suffer more”) and saw Jewish conspiracies everywhere he looked.  To top it all off, he was given to tantrums and other histrionic displays, which his captors, in classic British style, tried to soothe with endless cups of tea.

...More >>

"Ultimately, the power of freedom is bound to prevail. Ultimately, people throughout the Middle East will enjoy the rights that we in free societies take for granted.

"Ladies and gentlemen, July 4th is a time to not take freedom for granted. It's a time to be thankful that history granted America the power to match its ideals with action..."More >>

Canada, like Israel, is a relatively young democracy. Nothing like Switzerland of course, with its over 700 years of mostly liberal democratic tradition behind it, but still with its warts, imperfections and blemishes.

Thus it is not surprising that groups of Canadians who recognize that there is much to improve in the still-developing Israeli democracy try to influence and spur the Jewish state to higher standards. It would be foolish to ignore the oft-times valid and constructive criticism.

What is hard to understand is that in liberal, democratic Canada, a racist, anti-Semitic group called Queers Against Israel Apartheid (QuAIA) is allowed to propagate and spew its racism unchecked.

QuAIA is probably composed of many well-meaning, apparently liberal, members. Well-meaning but badly mislead. One of the main activists, Tim McCaskell refers to himself as a “gay activist dinosaur”, which might explain the group’s antiquated and racist vision.

In spite of some well-meaning liberals, there can be no doubt whatsoever that QuAIA is overwhelmingly racist. Why would they not demonstrate against the horrendous daily murders in Syria? (13,000 and counting, since the uprising against Syria’s ghastly dictatorship regime). Why are there no “Queers Against Gender Apartheid in Saudi Arabia”, or “Queers...More >>

Then this anti-Semitic Elmo would have a starring role.

As one observer put it, "he's horrible."More >>

Oops. Sorry, I meant war; specifically, holy war in the name of Allah and Mohammed, to exterminate the only Western democracy in the Middle East.

Preparing for the peace of the grave.More >>

In How I Became an Irish Zionist, Nicky Larkin recounts the transformation of his views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict -- and the brutal reaction he got for suggesting the situation was not as black-and-white as "Palestinian supporters" might make out. It makes great reading.

The introduction to the article is absolutely chilling:

An Israeli flag proudly flies outside the front of a Dublin city centre pub. An insignificant event perhaps in other parts of the world — but not in Ireland. Six months previously Dublin city council allowed a day-long enactment of mock executions of “Israelis” by “Palestinians” on our main shopping thoroughfare, organized by the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

 More >>

Europeans aren't rounding up Jews en masse to send them to death camps. But as imported thugs help stoke traditional pockets of antisemitism that never died away in the first place, Europe's Jews can see the writing on the wall -- in areas where Jew-hating graffiti has popped up, quite literally.

They're leaving.

From Frontpage Magazine, The Last Days of Jews in the Islamicized Europe:

The March attack at a Jewish school in Toulouse, which resembled that of Itamar (when an Israeli father, mother and three children were slaughtered in their beds by a Palestinian commando), triggered “an explosion” of anti-Semitic attacks across France. According with the Service de Protection de la Communauté Juive, more than 90 anti-Semitic incidents took place in France only in the 10 days that followed the shooting, which left four people dead. In total, 148 anti-Semitic incidents were recorded in March and April. It’s an anti-Semithic pandemonium totally silenced by the European media.

More >>

The classic definition of chutzpah involves a young man who murders his mother and father and then asks the court for leniency because he's an orphan.

While that full scenario may never have played out in real life, the example of the Toulouse killer's father's lawsuit seems to come closest to the spirit of the old line. The elder Mohammed is suing the French state for killing his mass-murdering son, effectively claiming victim status for the cold-blooded jihadist.

Meanwhile, attacks on Jews are increasing rapidly in France. The report bizarrely asks: "Is it a disturbing trend, or a cyclical spike?" Cyclical spike? Are attacks on Jews correlated with summer weather?

Nadia Khoury is a Contributing Writer for The Propagandist

 ...More >>



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