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Z Word

“There are many Jews living in Iran with whom we are very close,” Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told Piers Morgan Monday on CNN.

That's nice. But I'm afraid I'm going to need some details here, since Morgan neglected to ask the obvious follow-up question:

"Can you give us the name of at least one Jew living in Iran with whom you are very close?"

We're waiting.More >>

Islam religion Mohammed messenger of peacePeace of the grave to all who oppose Islam. At least, that's how the pious types in the Al Qassam Martyrs' Brigades seem to interpret the phrase -- and who are we to argue with them?

H/T Elder of Ziyon.More >>

Yeah? So? It's true, ennit?More >>

Last night on Channel 10, Zvi Yehezkeli gave us an insightful look into the Islamization of Europe, and it’s frightening.

Yehezkeli is a senior reporter on Arab affairs and speaks fluent Arabic. He also looks typically “Middle Eastern” (whatever that means) so he could easily present himself as an Arab or Moslem immigrant and interview others.

At first I thought the whole presentation would be Islamophobic. But it wasn't.

Because the reporter showed us real scenes of real people talking about their real lives. First in Sweden (Malmo, where 80% of the students at the school he visited are Moslems), then in France, in a Paris suburb where the police just don’t go! Yehezkeli also interviewed senior police officers to discuss the problems, and at least two Mayors (one quoted a statistic of a 600% crime increase in a year in an area where 75%-80% of the population is Moslem).

Sweden, Norway, Belgium, France …. Which will be the first Islamic European country with sharia law? After I heard these people on TV last night, I don’t want to be around when it happens. At least there will be an Israel for the Jews, if they can escape.

Jonathan...More >>

We can't say the rank and file of the American Democratic party is definitely and enthusiastically anti-Israel based solely on this performance (though there's certainly a growing mound of evidence out there). They might be very secular and a little bit anti-Israel, or very deist and extremely anti-Israel.

But I think we can say that they party's representatives at the DNC are not enthusiastically deist or pro-Israel.More >>

In the New York Times Op-Ed section, an American history professor tells us When It Pays to Talk to Terrorists. He presents the moment after the Munic Massacre of 1972 as a missed diplomatic opportunity for Israel and America to engage with "moderates".

The whole piece is horrible. Dishonest. Ludicrous.

Paul Thomas Chamberlin makes a number of bizarre claims. First:

Most scholars of the Palestine Liberation Organization now agree that attacks like the one in Munich were designed by Yasir Arafat’s rivals to shift power away from moderates and into the hands of more radical factions.

The primary motive for the Munich attack was the same as for all Palestinian terror attacks against Israelis: kill as many Jews as possible, as spectactularly as possible. As we have seen before, the difference between so-called moderates and extremists among the Palestinian leadership has always been about the timing and tactics of Jew-killing. None are opposed to it in principle, so long as it is cloaked under the banner of "resistance".

Today, much of the international media describes Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas as a moderate, yet he was the financier for the slaughter in Munich. That's moderate?

When Chamberlin uses out-of-context...More >>

If I neglect to pay my power bill, the power company will assume I'm a deadbeat, send me threatening letters once a month and ultimately cut the electricity.

The Palestinian Authority racks up a $175 million power bill owed to Israel and refuses to pay, citing lack of funds -- but as Jonathan Danilowitz points out, they always seem to have plenty of cash lying around to pay murderers.More >>

Losing a child must be the worst thing that can happen to a parent.

Nine years ago, 23-year old Rachel Corrie stood in front of an Israeli military bulldozer and was crushed. The enquiry at the time cleared the operator and laid the blame squarely on Corrie. Her parents sued the State of Israel, claiming that the bulldozer operator killed their daughter purposefully.

On Tuesday the Haifa District Court handed down its judgment: There was no way that the operator of the heavy equipment could have seen Rachel. She stood there purposefully, and her tragic death was her own fault. Said the judge: "[Corrie] did not distance herself from the area, as any thinking person would have done... she consciously put herself in danger."

Corrie was in Israel to help “free Palestine”. She came as part of a mission of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), an NGO.

Rachel Corrie’s parents had full faith in the Israeli justice system, and rightly so. Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, has a legal system equal to the best in the world. And yet, to hear Mrs. Corrie on Israel TV after the decision, one could have thought that the judges’ findings...More >>

An Israeli court effectively rules that pro-Palestinian activist Rachel Corrie was a complete and utter moron for jumping under a moving bulldozer in the middle of a warzone.

ISRAELI JUDGE'S STATEMENT. "Honestly, what are these Americans teaching their kids about bulldozers? Bulldozers are big, incredibly heavy machines. They don't turn on a dime, either. It's definitely not a good idea to jump under a bulldozer, whether it's moving or not. Jeez, Louise. 

"I mean, that kid had her whole life ahead of her and she just jumps right down there, under this five-tonne machine, what did she think was going to happen? She didn't even think to maybe shout to the driver, 'hey, could you please not run me over in your ridiculously massive bulldozer while I'm down there?' Maybe give the guy a heads-up?

"Was she watching an old episode of the Incredible Hulk TV show and maybe thought she'd be angry enough to turn big and green and chuck the bulldozer off her? I don't get it. Can the US government please put 'not jumping under bulldozers' somewhere in their kindergarten curriculum? Maybe that would help put a stop to these needless tragedies."

Jonathon Narvey is the Editor...More >>

At first glance, South Africa is a first-world country. It’s when you take a deeper look at the country today, some 20 years since the peaceful handover of power from the hands of the rigid apartheid government to “the people” (read: the black majority), that you begin to wonder.

South Africa's now-creaking electrical power grid, the failed gold mines, the crumbling roads and the generally degenerating communications, transport and social welfare infrastructure are alarming. Yet the country's foreign policy could be described in the same way.

According to Howard Sackstein, writing in, “[South Africa has] watched [its] close friends and allies in the Middle East tumble from power in the Arab Spring.” South Africa supported (and in some cases still supports) the kleptocratic dictators of Swaziland, Sudan and Zimbabwe in Africa; in Burma (now Myanmar), and Iran, Saudi Arabia and China (to name just a few). Muamar Ghaddafi of Libya was a darling of South African politics. The government of South Africa still maintains a crashing silence on the murderous civil war in Syria.

Meanwhile, Pretoria has embraced the Palestinian Hamas and Fatah terrorist organizations in Gaza and the West Bank, and has feted their representatives on visits to...More >>



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