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Z Word

We've already pointed out the hypocrisy and journalistic malpractice that are Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz's most defining features on many occasions. But lately, they seem to be doing an even worse job than usual. Jonathan Danilowitz notes:

Today, in the Hebrew print edition (and perhaps elsewhere too, if the article is translated), Amira Hass, known for her anti-Israel vitriol, by-lines a story with the headline (I’ve translated from the Hebrew): “The Supreme Court Orders Not to Destroy West Bank Houses; The Authorities Ignore [the courts]“. A shocking event if it were true. And yes, next to the headline is a compelling photograph of a bulldozer destroying a house. The photo-caption reads (translated): “The houses in the village of Dirat-Rafa’iya that were destroyed this week.”

It’s only when we read the article in full that we discover that the court order related to another village, and  was only delivered to the Military Authorities on the 5th November, and that, according to the Military spokesperson: ” …as soon as we discovered the facts, we stopped the project immediately. NOTHING WAS DESTROYED (emphasis added).

...More >>

A pro-Syrian regime group has "leaked" that Iranian super-technology is responsibly for Hurricane Sandy hitting the USA's Eastern seaboard with massive flooding.

How sad for Iran that they're able to whip up hurricanes at will to throw at their enemies, but they can't get a rain cloud to visit the parched homeland. Really, really sad.More >>

Let's imagine that a violent criminal attacks your home intending to kill you. You defend yourself and the attempted home invader is killed instead.

The psycho's brother decides to take "revenge" upon you for, um, not dying the first time and for killing his "peaceful" brother. Assuming you manage to defend yourself from the coming follow-up assault, you can look forward to further "revenge" attacks by this lunatic's large number of brothers and cousins.

That's not really revenge. That's just a continuous campaign of attempted murder.

Associated Press doesn't seem to get the concept. Reporting on the latest genocidal terror (without calling it that) out of Gaza, their headline reads: Israel hit by 18 rockets as Hamas seeks revenge.

Hamas can say they seek revenge. But AP is not obliged to act as Hamas' propaganda outlet. They don't have to report the news the way Hamas claims to see it. An objective title would be "Israel hit by 18 rockets as Hamas continues attacks". Or perhaps, "Hamas continues to commit war crimes against Israel". How about "Palestinian terrorists continue to fire indiscriminately at Jews"? "Jihadists in Gaza keep firing rockets at Israeli civilian areas"?

Any of those headlines would...More >>

The Israeli newspaper's front page has now linked Israel with Apartheid -- a loathesome and dishonest tactic used by Israel's enemies every day to argue for the country's delegitimization (which is something relatively few have argued even for charnel house nations like North Korea or Syria).

The Propagandist's Jonathan Danilowitz asks: Will the real racist please stand up?

There are only three possibilities for linking South African apartheid with Israel: Ignorance of apartheid, ignorance about Israel, or racist anti-Semitism. As Levy is an Israeli, and claims to carefully check his sources, I can only conclude that he is a racist himself. A racist anti-Semite.

Seems like a reasonable observation.More >>

Gaza terrorism Hamas rockets targeting Israeli civiliansRocket attacks on civilians are nothing new for Israel. Every day, Palestinian terrorists try to murder human beings indiscriminately... And every day, most of the hundreds of international reporters in Israel ignore it.

The Israel Project does great work highlighting these kinds of horors that somehow escape the notice of most people (or worse, are rationalized as a justified response -- to what? There is no occupation in Gaza and there hasn't been one since 2005. Not that firing indiscriminately on civilian populations isn't a war crime in any case...).

As an aside, I just wish Facebook had something different from a "Like" button. Right now, it would appear that 172 people "Like" the fact that "68 rockets targeted Israeli civilians in 12 hours on Oct. 24, 2012" -- which is not really their intent.

Israel Project Facebook...More >>

They believe Allah wants them to murder the Jews.. and you can't argue with Allah.More >>

Did the BBC pull a documentary on the predations of alleged pedophile Jimmy Savile because it would have interfered with Christmas-season tributes to said alleged pedophile (and former high-profile BBC employee)? An investigation may show this -- or not. It depends on whether the BBC's top executives are willing to face reality... something that is not guaranteed.

Indeed, I find the usually astute Shiraz Socialist's quickness to suggest that this investigation is an example of the BBC's public service ethos, as opposed to hysterical damage control when caught red-handed, a bit odd. Charlie cleanly differentiates the corrupt commercialized executive from the pure innocent truth-seeking rank and file. I suspect the distinction is a bit more blurry around the office.

Meanwhile, BBC is still refusing to publicize the results of the Balen Report. An investigation in 2003 looked into the quality and impartiality of the BBC's Middle East news coverage following allegations of anti-Israel bias. Fighting Freedom of Information requests, the BBC has never disclosed the contents of the report. As UK Lawyers for Israel member David Lewis noted at CiF Watch back in February, "what could have been in the Balen Report to make the BBC fight so...More >>

About a year ago I saw a movie at the Tel Aviv Cinemateque. It was a documentary called (in Hebrew) “The Flat”. (Not be confused with the 1960s Hollywood Jack Lemmon / Shirley MacLaine classic, “The Apartment”.) In “The Flat”, a true story, the protagonist helps his mother close down her mother’s (his grandmother’s) flat after she passes away at age 98. “I used to cross Tel Aviv once a week to visit my grandmother in Berlin”, he says (as a child), referring to her past and the fact that she still lived in the German style she’d brought with her to then-Palestine.  But her secret past, together with her late husband – and the apparent close links to a Nazi couple – turn closing down the flat into a series of never-to-be-resolved mysteries. Secrets that probably should have remained forever untold.

A few days ago “Haaretz” newspaper journalist Gideon Levy published a heart-breaking essay in that newspaper, decrying the fact that an Israeli website, and subsequently also Wikipedia, had published the “revolting lie” that his late father had collaborated with the Nazis. Levy, known for his violently anti-Israel articles and often referred to as a guilt-ridden self-hating Jew,

...More >>

BBC WatchFrom the same folks who gave us CiF Watch, we now have BBC Watch:

Its aim is to monitor BBC output on the subject of Israel with the object of ensuring adherence to the BBC’s own editorial guidelines and its legal obligation to provide accurate and impartial news, information and analysis to its funding public. 

BBC Watch's Managing Editor is the insightful and hard-hitting Hadar Sela, whose dispatches we have been proud to publish. We wish her well in her new position. Congratulations also to the rest of the crew of CiF Watch for taking the fight to a new front.

Long overdue. Confusion to our enemies.More >>

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to the United Nations reminded me a bit of a teacher patiently explaining the facts of life to small children -- an entirely appropriate method to explain the threat of Iranian nuclear weapons, given the audience.

As for the silliness identified by Commentary Magazine, in which AP and Reuters appear to have conspired to make a mid-wave Netanyahu look like a Nazi, all I can say is, that's not a Nazi salute.

This is a Nazi salute.

That's not a one-off, either. While so-called "pro-Palestinians" make Israeli-Nazi comparisons as easily as breathing, the fact is that the original purveyors of "Palestinian identity" are the ones with SS-uniformed skeletons in their closet.

...More >>



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