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Z Word

Hamas road warriors drag a corpse behind their motorcycles.

Hundreds of millions of dollars in "foreign aid" to Gaza through "Islamic charities" as well as state sponsors lines the pockets of these barbarians. More >>

The anti-Semitic slurs come out at 1:12, but the hate is evident throughout. It happened at an anti-Israel demonstration in San Francisco.

There is no shame in this person. Indeed, one gets the sense from her defiant tone that she feels she's doing a public service by physically attacking and insulting a 62-year old man in the street. No doubt, her allies will be equally resistant to pleadings for common decency.More >>

Last Friday afternoon marked a new watershed in the escalating Arab/Israel conflict surrounding Gaza. For the first time since the 1967 6-Day War, rockets were fired at Jerusalem (or to be exact – a rocket).

My friend Joe Z., a long-time Jerusalem resident, had just taken his little boy out to play in the park when the air-raid sirens began. They took cover and waited for the explosion before going to back to play. (Yes, it sounds, and is, surreal – from bombs to play in less than 10 minutes. Believe me – it isn’t easy, but we do it. Life goes on).

“I couldn’t understand why I kept hearing more ‘rockets’ until I looked over towards the Old City and East Jerusalem," Joe said. "The fireworks display was amazing – and horrifying. The Palestinians were out in force on the rooftops celebrating the possibility that Jews might have been killed, that a bomb might fall on the Holy City. We heard the music, the laughter, the shouts of joy. I was aghast at their unrestrained ecstasy at the tragedy that might have been – that they hoped might still be. My little boy...More >>

Try to imagine this: You’re at home in your airy apartment in Vancouver, Houston, Brisbane or Milan, watching the game on TV, reading the newspaper, rustling up dinner or perhaps helping you kids with their math (ugh!) homework. Suddenly the shrill scream of air raid sirens shatters the peace. A mistake, you think – some idiot pressed the wrong button – until the TV announcer says: “We interrupt thisbroadcast to announce that …”.

The sirens are real. Don’t even try to imagine it.

For the first time in your life you understand the true meaning of “paralyzed with fear”. Thoughts rush by. “This can’t be happening. Where did we put the gas masks dammit? What are we supposed to do now?” And even: “I don’t want to die”.

It happened to me in Tel Aviv on Thursday evening. Tel Aviv! Not Kandahar, not Baghdad, not even Hanoi. All day I’d heard the news broadcasts about the terrorist rockets being fired from Gaza into Israel, but the Israel that is 50, 60 and 70 kilometers away from Tel Aviv. Civilians killed and injured, terrible property damage, daily life completely disrupted. Somehow – somehow – that was in another world, on...More >>

great israeli-style vegan food!

The news of an Israeli Mezze Station in the Harvard Business School cafeteria stuck in the craw of a Lebanese Harvard grad. She posted a protest on her Facebook page claiming that the featured foods couldn’t possibly be Israeli because they are also eaten elsewhere. Couscous is a North African staple, hummus is of Egyptian origin, and so on.

So what’s the point?

If she saw a Tunisian Food Station with couscous and harissa hot sauce, would she fire off an angry missive complaining that this dish is also served in Libya? If the dining hall responded by serving up the same food at a Libyan Station, would she turn around and protest that Harvard had grievously offended Tunisia?

Of course not. There would be no logic to such complaints, just as there is no logic to her protest about the Israeli Mezze Station.

What she really can’t stomach is the mention of a country she has been trained to hate: Israel. That’s okay. She is free to spend the rest of her life wallowing in hatred. It will only give...More >>

Iron Dome smacks 12 Hamas rockets out of the sky as Israelis run for bomb shelters. Meanwhile, the Hamas terrorists who fired the rockets are no doubt hanging out in a packed civilian area full of human shields because they know Israel actually values innocent human life.More >>

banned from Boing Boing oh the humanityBoing Boing's editors are totally committed to free speech and fighting online censorship except when it comes to debunking lies about Palestinians or promoting Israel's right to self-defense, apparently.

I'm banned from commenting on the site.

Darn it. I really liked that site -- the "blog of interesting things". It's my default site for strange, funny, nerdy stuff. It's too bad the site moderator Antinous appears to have little patience for, you know, other opinions besides those that still believe (against all evidence) that Palestinians live in an open-air prison or that Israelis are acting like Nazis. This is often what happens when science nerds pretend to also be politics nerds.

Banned. Wow. Sorry if I'm dwelling on this. I know it's a great example of a First World Problem. But I'm a nerd. I feel comfortable in the company of other nerds, even online (OK, especially online). Now I feel like I've been rejected from a popular island of nerddom and can't go back (Oh sure, I can visit -- they just don't want me messing up their nice online beach).

But now...More >>

Israel IDF Middle East Arab Palestinian conflictHere in Israel we had been grinding our teeth for days, wondering why the IDF didn’t go in to Gaza and blast the terrorists each to their 72 virgins awaiting them in the next world. Rockets and bombs rained down on our civilian populations, yet the IDF hardly responded. We puzzled at the formidable restraint demonstrated by the army. We were perplexed by the forbearance of our soldiers.

On Wednesday the IDF finally returned fire. But not before the army, the ethical army, distributed thousands of leaflets warning Gazan civilians to stay clear of terrorist centers – the targets of the IDF’s “Pillar of Cloud” campaign.

In a carefully planned and deadly accurate maneuver the army first removed the snake head: Achmed Ja’abri, the Hamas leader with the blood of dozens of Israelis on his hands, was targeted and killed. Then followed aerial attacks on weapons factories, stores and rocket launch sites, including dozens of underground sites. Military reports confirm that as usual, many of the weapons stores are in residential areas. The Arabs know that the IDF will do all...More >>

The IDF targets and kills a known terrorist, "Ahmed Jabri, the head of Hamas' military wing, in the Gaza Strip. Jabri was a senior Hamas operative who served in the upper echelon of the Hamas' command and was directly responsible for executing terror attacks against Israel in the past."

The way this pinpoint strike was carried out against a killer stands in stark contrast to the actions that prompted it: hundreds of lethal unguided rockets fired into Israel by Hamas and assorted jihadist terror groups in recent weeks, meant to terrorize civilians.

It goes without saying that Israel's restraint over the past weeks has been a non-story in the media. As a thought experiment, guess how many rockets the USA would accept on its territory if Mexican terrorists intent on "liberating territory" began shooting. Or, if Colombia was enduring a similar bombardment from Venezuela. How long would it take for them to strike back? Would they need to worry about condemnation of the international community for striking against their killers?

Nadia Khoury is a Contributing Writer for The Propagandist...More >>

Hamas fires 120 lethal rockets on to Israeli territory, indiscriminately threatening innocent civilians in a broad swathe of territory north of Gaza... as they and their jihadist allies have been doing on and off for years.

The United Nations does nothing.

Israel launches a pinpoint strike that kills a known terrorist with blood on his hands.

The United Nations considers an emergency session at Egypt's request, to discuss the "escalation of violence".

Riiiiiiight.More >>



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