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Z Word

The USA has money to burn for Palestinians, apparently.

And what will America's $500 million to the Palestinian Authority buy, precisely? Will Palestinians be persuaded by this latest handover of jizya (as the Egyptians also see it) to at the very least stop hating Americans?More >>

On May 31, 2010, Israeli commandos boarded the Mavi Marmara and killed nine humanitarian activists who were peacefully protesting. Really? That's the story?More >>

The forgotten Jewish refugees of the Middle East and North Africa.

For the first time ever, the comprehensive country by country story of the Jewish people from eleven countries in the Middle East and North Africa is being told with videos, photographs and written narratives on the web.More >>

Get the whole story at the Oxford Student Online. And do read the comments.

In fairness to Galloway, perhaps the man of "Respect" ran because he reasonably figured he was going to lose. Outside of a packed house of Hamasniks and Che Guevara-worshipping seven-year Bachelor degree pursuers, his inane and counter-factual demagoguery ain't much help in a real debate.

H/T to the Algemeiner.More >>

There are only three cases where people can use "apartheid" linked to Israel:

  1. Where they are totally ignorant about South Africa and what apartheid meant and means.
  2. Where they are ignorant about Israel, from the foundation of the state and till today.
  3. Where they are themselves racist anti-Semites (very often, but not always, self-hating guilt-ridden Jewish people) who have a pathological need or desire to delegitimize Israel.

It seems that many former South Africans were so well trained by their racist masters in South Africa that they cannot but remain slaves to the racist ideology inherent in anti-Semitism.

It appears now that the pro-active (and rightly so) Jerusalem Van Leer Institute has given itself over to this racist anti-Semitic ideology by allowing a conference linking Israel to apartheid to take place there soon.

A conference on "Discrimination in Israel" would be welcome, just as would a conference on, say, gun-control in the USA or paedophiles in Belgium or Islamophobia in Holland. The problems exist and must be discussed openly.

But titling the upcoming Van Leer Institute conference "apartheid" in Israel is comparable to smearing all Dutch people as Islamophobes. By giving their imprimatur to the racist title...More >>

Confirmation of this scenario is likely to come in the form of targeted preventive attacks by the Israeli Air Force against Hezbollah bases in southern Lebanon (you know, the ones the United Nations and the Lebanese state were supposed to prevent), or possibly against bases in Syria. Still, the signs are not looking good:

Israel continued to warn the world on Monday of the potentially devastating outcome if Syria's chemical arsenal falls into the hands of rebels, or worse, Hezbollah, as Lebanese media outlets reported that the Lebanese terror group had already obtained some chemical weapons and long range missiles.

UPDATE January 30 2012. Confirmation may have already happened. The IAF has taken out targets moving from Syria into Lebanon. Given that weapons shipments into Lebanon for Hezbollah are practically routine at this point (no thanks to UN personnel) it does beg the question: what was in that weapons convoy?More >>

When the President of Egypt called Jews the descendants of apes and pigs, he really should have anticipated that the Jews controlling American media would kick up an inconvenient fuss, he says with a shoulder-shrugging whadayagannado look, as an American diplomatic mission's jaws collectively drop.

“[Morsi] did not say the Jewish community was making a big deal of this, but he said something [to the effect] that the only conclusion you could read was that he was implying it,” Coons said. “The conversation got so heated that eventually Senator McCain said to the group, ‘OK, we’ve pressed him as hard as we can while being in the boundaries of diplomacy,’” Coons said. “We then went on to discuss a whole range of other topics.”

Come on, Morsi. Tell us what you really mean. Obviously, we must have missed the context while you were telling us about the context. H/T BCF

For the record, here are just some of the comments we've seen:

...More >>

Hamas motto: "We believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way with bombs strapped to their little bodies. Allah Akbar."

Meanwhile, respected politicians, journalists and protest marchers condemn Israel for not negotiating peace with Hamas.More >>

Good question. It is an urgent one, considering the facts in found in Oxfam and Friends, a new report by Stand For Peace:

This report reveals that Oxfam has partnered with groups that support terrorism, religious extremism, anti-Semitism and advocate violence against Jews, women and homosexuals.

But what exactly defines a partnership? Oxfam has sponsored events, issued joint press releases, and run campaigns with all these groups. Certainly, if these were far-Right groups, the criticism of Oxfam’s associations would be much more loud and severe. And yet some of these groups listed advocate ideas that are even more extreme than the evil politics peddled by far-Right.

More >>

Naive Facebook "peace supporters" hopefully get their eyes opened as to why this conflict is still going on.More >>



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