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World Politics

The story thus far: the jihadis try to take over Mali, a land-locked country in Northern Africa. They're consolidating rule over the northern part and streaming into the south when the French get involved. To avoid taking on the French directly, they invade Algeria and take hostages at an oil refinery.

For a start, it only reinforces the general perception throughout Africa and the West that the rebel fighters are savages who must be resisted, while doing little to undermine the French will to stay on the offensive. More significantly, this criminal act risks widening the number of enemies the rebels must face. By violating Algerian sovereignty, the Malian Islamists risk drawing into the conflict against them the Algerian armed forces, which repressed an Islamist uprising on their own soil in the 1990s with considerable brutality and effectiveness. And by kidnapping Americans, they could well lead to the deployment of U.S. Special Operations Forces to rescue the hostages and assist the French. Thus the rebels have actually handed a gift to their enemies.

Hostages include Japanese, Britons, French, Americans, Malaysians and Norwegians (Good news: 20 hostages have already escaped) -- helping prompt international support to wipe out the savages that...More >>

There were tens of thousands of prisoners in North Korea's infamous prison camp. Where are they now?More >>

As if we needed more proof: The Syrian government will free 2,130 prisoners in exchange for 48 Iranians.

It may well be that the 2,130 prisoners languishing in Syrian jails are all innocent civilians unassociated with the jihadist-dominated rebels. Syria has always been that kind of place, since long before the rebellions started; to get thrown into a dungeon or torture chamber, the corrupt regime could finger you on just about any pretext. Assad has always ruled through fear.

That said, there may be another straightforward reason Assad can't get Syrian soldiers back in this exchange: the rebels execute their prisoners. The only reason the Iranians are still breathing is the rebels probably figured they'd be worth something in a hostage swap.

That said, the 48 Iranians are almost certainly members of Iran's Revolutionary Guard. Even the most devout pilgrim knows to stay away from active warzones -- the Tehran regime's story doesn't hold water.More >>

The Propagandist magazine. Political commentary and powerful punditryThe Propagandist magazine has had a busy year taking the fight to the enemy. The pen is still mightier than the sword and our army of contributing writers has slashed its way through it's fair share of battles.

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The war continues, but let us pause for a moment to reflect on our victories. 

Here we present our most popular propaganda of 2012.

Well, not precisely. The Christian community is actually growing quite fast in Israel. But everywhere else, Muslim nations are doubling down on their persecution and genocide against minorities, particularly Christians. The Jews have already been dealt with -- now it's endgame for Jesus' followers as well.More >>

Guess which news outlet comes out on top? One Free Korea has the scoop:

According to an exclusive, groundbreaking report AP from the frontier of journalism — Pyongyang — 100% of North Korean citizens interviewed by other North Koreans in a bar support Great Leader Kim Jong Un’s completely successful launch of a peaceful satellite despite the hostile policy of the imperialist Barack Obama!

 More >>

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Here are the latest dispatches from the front.

Unicorns, for instance. Oh yes. North Korean Central News Agency confirms it, so it must be true.

Source: via Candi on Pinterest

 More >>

Propagandist Magazine political commentary world politics opinionThe Propagandist's Allies march forward wielding flaming vorpal swords and dragon-scale shields with a +5 defensive bonus against the enemy.  The world of Oerth will never be the same...

Here are the latest dispatches from the front:

Confusion to our enemies!...More >>

If so, it's about time. For internal unrest, I mean. Oh, you thought I meant the other thing?

Yeah, the mullahs are making progress on nukes, but they're making even more progress on killing their own economy, according to an internal Iranian report discovered by Arab media.

H/T E of ZMore >>



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