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I have to admit something: I haven't the faintest clue where you would pick up a can of acid (Does it even come in cans? I guess the acid would melt through. Same for plastic. Glass jars, then?). I don't know anyone who just keeps acid around the house. I'm pretty sure I've never worked anywhere that had acid just sitting around somewhere.

But it seems like whenever a properly pious person in Pakistan, Afghanistan or wherever decides to pour acid on a loved one, relative, neighbor, or schoolgirl they've never met before to melt away some bizarre interpretation of dishonor, there's always acid on hand. Not just a little bit, either. Enough to kill someone in probably the most horribly agonizing process imaginable.

The latest example is a mother and father in Kashmir who poured acid on their 15-year old daughter and then watched her dissolve to death over several days.

Apparently, her "crime" was watching two boys go by her house on a motorcycle.

The sad part is that there are probably millions of parents in that part of the world who would reserve judgement on whether the daughter deserved it...More >>

Though the same cannot be said of the fanatics who tried to kill this young hero in the first place. Good to hear that Malala Yousafzai is doing very well at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham.

I would note that the reason she had to go to England for medical treatment in the first place is because it would appear that no hospital in Pakistan has the high level of expertise required to treat her.

Think about that for a second. Pakistan has about 187 million people -- yet there is no hospital in that country that boasts the expertise of the centre where Malala is being treated... and Queen Elizabeth Hospital is hardly the only one in the UK that could do the job, in a country with less than half of Pakistan's population.

Pakistan spends lots of resources on its nuclear program and funding Islamist terror (partially within its own borders). Yet it can't sustain a single hospital that could treat a girl with a head wound. It's no coincidence that a country that is so developmentally challenged is also the place where a young girl must campaign for the right of other girls just to go to school....More >>

In the mournful period following the death of North Korea's Dear Leader, one army minister allegedly dealt with his sorrow through "drinking and carousing" -- evoking too much of a celebratory mood for Kim Jong Un. (Of course, it wouldn't surprise anyone that the official's supposed "crime" was an entirely faked cover story to provide a veneer of a rationale for what happened next... not that what happened next would be a rational response).

The offending official was allegedly made to stand on a spot as a mortar was fired to "obliterate" him.

"14 senior officials" have been purged since the Kim dynasty handed over the mantle to Fat Boy. Presumably, this one won't be the last.

Lisa Cheng is a Contributing Writer for The PropagandistMore >>

Convicted of manslaughter for failing to predict not merely the timing, but the severity of the earthquake. I always assumed that this was the kind of thing that could only happen in backwards, irrational, supernatural-obsessed places (Hmmm. Maybe it did). Ophelia Benson at Butterflies & Wheels nails it:

I have a prediction: Italy will suddenly find itself bereft of scientists.

In keeping with this judge's verdict, will we jail meteorologists when they fail to predict rain that contributes to drivers skidding and crashing on the road? For that matter, are we now going to start jailing economists for failing to predict exactly when poor financial indicators turn into a full-blown meltdown? It's not just scientists -- we often rely on inconveniently imperfect data in many aspects of life.More >>

Yet another foreign reporter raped by savages in Egypt's most famous public space.

Tahrir Square truly is the symbol of the revolution. Let no one be confused any longer about what the Arab Spring has unleashed.

Try to imagine the reaction if foreigners -- hell, locals, too -- were repeatedly gang-raped in Times Square in New York City by rampaging mobs, with the police refusing to lift a finger to improve security for the women being brutalized. Imagine the hellstorm that would erupt; the condemnation of America and the thugs who acted like neanderthals on a world stage.

It keeps happening in Egypt. Again and again and again...More >>

The Propagandist Magazine news world politics political commentaryThe Propagandist's Allies continue to sabotage the enemy's plans by getting critical dispatches out to mobilize the masses. And it's Friday.

Here are the latest dispatches from the front lines:

Saudi textbooks continue to promote bigotry and intolerance around the world. Leaders in American publishing take note... again.More >>

This Sunday in Ottawa at the Free Thinking Film Festival, watch Hammer & Tickle, the story of a political system that was laughed out of existence.

A small and privileged elite in Pyongyang takes advantage of the finer things in life, like... food.

Meanwhile, the rest starve.

How long will this go on? Hopefully, the 99 percent in North Korea will soon do what they should have done years ago...More >>

The Propagandist's Allies are keeping up the fight against the enemy on all fronts. Are you ready to join the movement? Send in your dispatches to help us mobilize the masses.

The latest news from the front lines:

Confusion to our enemies!...More >>



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