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sudan darfur referendum independence self determination democracy arab christian politicsUnited Nations forces are to be deployed in "hot spots" in Sudan between the Arab Muslim North and the oil-producing Christian-Animist south. Naturally, Sudanese President Omar Hassan Al-Bashir, accused of ordering genocide in the South, is none too pleased. Khartoum has exploited its southern region brutally. And everyone knows they're not going to give it up without a fight. This situation demands a strong Western intervention to prevent war, and possibly genocide.

Khartoum will do its best to manipulate and undermine an independence referendum is January. And if they can't hold on to the South by corruption and trickery, then it will be war.

Anyone hoping for the United Nations to actually prevent the coming violence ought to look at the incident in August in Eastern Congo, where over 300 people, including men, women and infant children were gang-raped for days. Nearby UN forces were infamously unable to stop the atrocity. Even worse, in the absence of justice for these victims, UN-backed militias have brazenly returned to the area in the Congo and carried out their...More >>

united nations raheel razah pakistani ambassador youtube videoCanada’s non-election to the UN Security Council doesn’t come as a complete surprise. It’s obvious that Canada’s entry was barred primarily by the OIC (Organization of Islamic Conference) which has a permanent delegation to the United Nations, with 57 member states and a powerful grip due to their large numbers. Adding insult to injury is a message by the president of the Canadian Arab Federation (CAF), titled, "Don't Give Canada a Security Council Seat.” It seems that the OIC have spokespersons right here in Canada.

Last month I was invited to the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva (UNHRC) as member of an NGO on human rights, and for the first time I observed a direct clash of civilizations.

The OIC was ostensibly at UNHRC in Geneva like others, to address issues of human rights violations. In the entire week that I attended the sessions, not a single one of them mentioned human rights violation in their respective countries. After getting quite shocked at this blatant display of denial, I did some research and found that...More >>

lady of justice shariah islamist court democracyThis week, the longstanding rule of justice, in which the accused has the right to face their accusor in a court of law, was overturned to placate principles of sharia - with the blessing of a feminist lobby group. Conrad Black provides comment on the useful idiots who are helping undermine our democracy:

Non-Muslim leaders should make it clear that we are not prepared to be condescended to as infidels, and that the Judeo-Christian traditions of the West antedate those of Islam (we are all Abrahamists, but Gabriel called on our preceptors first). The widespread mistreatment of Christian minorities in some Muslim countries should produce proportionate retaliation, though not at the expense of the civil rights of our own Muslim minorities. (The Muslim massacre of up to a million Christian blacks in the Sudan, for instance, should have received a much more energetic and righteous response than it has.) The mad idea of a large mosque almost adjacent to the World Trade Center site should never have gained any traction at all. That whole issue makes our entire society

...More >>

libel tourism free speech act george galloway politics terrorA prominent author writes a book on the controversial subject of funding Islamist terrorism. In the course of the book, the name of a prominent Saudi banking family claimed to be involved in the funding of terrorism is exposed.

In an effort to silence any discussion on the subject, members of the Saudi family commence a defamation lawsuit in London, the “libel tourism capital of the world”. The English High Court, presided by Justice Eady, the same judge who has a rather ignominious track record for finding in favor of defamation suit plaintiffs, then determines that the sale of a mere 23 copies of the book through UK online retailers and the availability of the first chapter on an ABC website was sufficient to grant jurisdiction to the English court.  

Having secured jurisdiction in England where the burden is upon the defendant to prove that defamatory allegations are true (as opposed to the US where the burden is upon the plaintiff to prove falsity), members of the Saudi family are awarded money damages and an...More >>

"Every day I'm hustlin'."

More >>

zero tolerance terror suspects gitmo guantanamo sher canada islamistAre we coddling terrorists?

Let's look at the recent case of the suspects in a Canadian terror plot uncovered by police. Terror suspect Dr. Khurram Syed Sher was released from prison on $183,000 bail this week. His alleged co-conspirator was Misbahuddin Ahmed, an Ottawa X-ray technologist, also released on bail conditions including $20,000 in cash and $625,000 in bonds and securities.

These bail amounts are not trivial. Yet if these terror suspects are genuine, they were likely motivated by a perverted ideology of radical Islamism that cares nothing for money and everything for murder and "martyrdom". The modern jihadist is not a bank robber, carrying out his criminal activities for personal gain. More often, he is intent on killing as many innocents as possible - and possibly dying in the process. Money is not an end goal; it is a means for purchasing the materials to kill - or, potentially, stay out of jail long enough to carry out the plot.

Terror suspects and jihadists captured on the battlefield who have been later released do not often make...More >>

iran fake journalists iranian prison europe mina ahadi politicsTwo more journalists have been thrown into an Iranian jail, proving once again that Iran's descent into barbarism continues.

As reported by the Vancouver Sun, Iran's public prosecutor, Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ejeie, confirmed on Monday that it had arrested two men who are accused of being 'fake' journalists with ties to Germany:

"An investigation by official authorities showed these people are not journalists and they have been arrested for faking their journalistic status," Ejeie was quoted as saying by the website of Iranian state television.

The prosecutor was cited as making a similar statement on ISNA news agency, in another report that failed to clearly specify the nationality of the detainees.

But he strongly hinted the detainees may be two Germans by linking them to a Iranian human rights activist who had raised the alarm about the arrests from her base in the European country.

He said the two were put into contact with Ashtiani’s family by a "fugitive", alluding to the Germany-based campaigner Mina Ahadi, founder of the International Committees against Execution and Stonings."

...More >>

aisha nose afghanistan woman taliban usa politics propagandaRemember Aisha, the Afghan woman whose Taliban husband chopped off her nose and ears? Here's Aisha today. American reconstructive surgeons will be helping restore her injured face.

Needless to say, the episode has been most instructive in the difference between the psychopaths who want to rule Afghanistan and Western forces who want to help this poor and wounded nation.

Jonathon Narvey is the Editor of The Propagandist.More >>

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad dances with his best pals on stage, representing generations of tyranny.

This is an open thread. Leave a comment and join the discussion.

More >>

When the Khomeinist regime - best known for stoning women, persecuting minorities and brutalizing the political opposition - congratulates you on a job well done and suggests other ways you might work together.

Not a good day for the Pope or the Vatican.More >>



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