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In that order, if you please. It's time for Western nations and their citizenry to wake the hell up. We've been down this road of slavish "pacifism" and appeasement to fascists before and thankfully regained our senses in time to prevent the worst. Is there still hope that the international community can regain its wits when it comes to the Taliban and their Pakistani paymasters? Terry Glavin writes in the Ottawa Citizen:

The proper way to approach the Taliban is to treat them for what they are — the front-line shock troops of a grimly determined, extremist and fanatical proxy of the Pakistani military, Saleh said. “So, why would you even talk to the proxy? Talk to their masters. Talk to the Pakistanis.”

To redeem the enormous investments countries like Canada have made in Afghanistan, the NATO countries should renew their early commitments to the increasingly disenfranchised, pro-democracy Afghan majority, Saleh said. This will have to include leaving Afghanistan with more than just police stations and battalions of Afghan soldiers capable of dealing only with internal violence. Afghanistan’s greater need is the capacity to defend itself against its neighbours, primarily the regime in Pakistan....More >>

First of all, maybe we shouldn't call them "Asian sex gangs" at all. They're not Chinese, Japanese, Vietname, Thai, Taiwanese, Mongolian, Filippino, etc. If only for reasons of alerting the UK public to a serious threat, we could be a bit more specific about where the perpetrators are from?

Second, they're not "sex" gangs. These gangs aren't having orgies with consensual adults. They're rape gangs, or if you prefer, gang rapists. Often pedophiles as well.

Now that we've got that out of the way, Yasmin Alibhai would like to tell you why both the UK Pakistani Muslim community and Britain's political elites, journalists and social workers ought to maybe stop ignoring Pakistani Muslim rape gangs in the UK.

Many abusers are sexually frustrated and cannot relate to women except as objects of one kind or another. For this new report to shy away from this vital dimension is cowardly — and, in its way, another betrayal of the victims.

One of these poor girls contacted me after hearing me a few times on a London radio show on which I was talking about gangs of Asian men in Rochdale. She and I met in a small cafe in the

...More >>

Like the Iranian Government's Press TV, RT (Russia Today) wears the veil of a mainstream corporate English language news service, often being mistaken by the casual listener for a tabloid style independent news company. It is in fact a Kremlin-created and funded propaganda-disseminating organization. Thus as with Press TV, take reporting like this with an atomic grain of salt: 

The majority of people killed by U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan are not militants, according to the country's Interior Minister. Rehman Malik said 80 per cent of more than two thousand people who have died as a result of strikes were civilians.

This is according to an RT broadcast which you can watch here on youby tuby. RT's one and only source for the "80%" figure is the obviously unbiased and trustworthy Pakistani Interior Minister (incidentally, the Pakistan Government has been known to secretly call for more drones, while publicly denouncing them, in accordance with their standard two-facedness policy long in effect). Pakistan is, afterall, the most transparent collaborator any ally could ever hope to rely on, so there is no reason to question any statement (especially ones with clean round numbers) their government ministers make (including...More >>

In Egypt, a train hit a school bus, killing at least 49 children. Egyptians blame the government, pointing to broken-down transportation infrastructure.

But as Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood President might tell you, Islam is the solution.

If they pass a bill legalizing marriage with 9-year old girls, institute amputations for thieves, or make blasphemy a capital offense, I'm sure Egypt's transportation infrastructure will improve overnight. Problem solved.

More >>

political propaganda world politics news Israel China USA RepublicanThe Propagandist's Allies are not deterred by withering artillery or rocket barrages. They grit their teeth and move forward against the blazing guns. Bullets bounce off them. Tanks are crushed beneath their feet. That's because The Propagandist's Allies are all Gamma-irradiated mutants. Hulk SMASH puny humans!

Here are the latest dispatches from the front:


Nerd war! Another former Boing Boing commenter, David Turover, goes public with the weird comment moderation habits of a popular site following our Editor's inhumane banishment.

Welcome to the club. I was banned for posting a history lesson on the Kashmir conflict in response to a post by Oxblood Ruffin celebrating the supposed resistance against Hindu occupation and intrusion into traditionally Muslim-only land. Before that, I had posts deleted for citing the Hague Conventions. Seriously.

What makes this especially aggravating is that Boing Boing pioneered the practice of disemvoweling comments as a means to maintain free speech while discouraging undesirable speech. Call the President a nigger, and people will still see your comment "bm s nggr". Make a sound argument against a Muslim terrorist organization, i.e. a terrorist organization that happens to be Muslim, and your comment will be erased. 

Antinous and Xeni consider it to be even more offensive to be opposed to Hamas, the Taliban, or Jamaat e-Islami than they do to be a racist, troll, or spammer, and they take the extreme (for BB) action of deleting comments to ensure that that nobody can see the arguments against these...More >>

1984, Oceania in DDC _DDC7219

Some believe that China is set to become the most powerful state on the planet in the 21st century. With that in mind, one might speculate that it would be useful to know some particulars about its President, chosen by the most powerful factions of the Chinese Communist Party.

Yet the actual name of China's new President is essentially irrelevant.

The Party is what matters. The Party is forever.

We are different from all the oligarchies of the past, in that we know what we are doing. All the others, even those who resembled ourselves, were cowards and hypocrites. The German Nazis and the Russian Communists came very close to us in their methods, but they never had the courage to recognize their own motives. They pretended, perhaps they even believed, that they had seized power unwillingly and for a limited time, and that just round the corner there lay a paradise where human beings would be free and equal. We are not like that. We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention

...More >>

When you need to guard Tiananmen Square with firefighters to stop protesters from self-immolating, you may be dealing with some serious issues.

Why, you ask, are there firefighters hanging out in Tiananmen Square? It’s a natural question, since they’re standing in the middle of a giant open square, with nothing flammable anywhere nearby. Except, that is, for the other people in the square, which may be exactly what they’re worried about. More specifically, the firefighters are likely there to put out any protesters who attempt to set themselves on fire.

More >>

A would-be mass murderer tried to bomb the SkyTrain in Surrey, which is just a few stops away from Vancouver...

My city.

I take the SkyTrain most days, so I'm not exactly pleased about this news. To be honest, I expected something like this during the Vancouver Olympics. I guess I should be grateful we've been mostly ignored by the world's oversupply of fanatical murderers until now (notwithstanding jihadist Ahmed Ressam's terror mission to blow up LAX after driving down from Vancouver in 1999), but I don't feel grateful. I don't feel scared. I just feel angry.

Apparently, the cops are having some difficulties narrowing down suspects:

Police have no idea about the motivation or identity of the would-be bomber and received no notes or demands in connection to the bomb. Investigators will go door to door in the area of the bomb threat, looking for clues and will complete forensic examinations on the three canisters found strapped to the bomb.

Not that I would want to second-guess the police, who will have a difficult job with an investigation that has just begun. That said, I don't think we've got a Basque separatist movement on Canada's west...More >>

Egypt's tourism industry has been in the toilet since before the overthrow of Mubarak was accomplished. It's actually a miracle of Egyptian public relations that previous Islamist terror attacks on tourists didn't keep visitors away long before that.

Now that Islamists are again openly discussing the benefits of kidnapping Western tourists, and after so many well-publicized attacks involving hundreds of Egyptian men against female foreigners... who the hell were these British tourists that Al Qaeda fanatics were planning to kill? People are still vacationing in Egypt?

How does that even happen?

EMMA. "You know where I'd like to go for vacation?

BASIL. "Where, my dear?"

EMMA. "Egypt."

BASIL. "Hmmm. I don't know about that. I think I heard something from someone, sometime recently about something being a bit off in that part of the world. Didn't they just have a revolution or something?"

EMMA. "Yes, and the people in charge of the country now are even worse scoundrels than that old Mubarak chap. But forget about that: look at these air ticket deals, my dear. And this itinerary!"

BASIL. "Oh my. For just $300 per person, you could be gang-raped and possibly murdered in Tahrir Square and I could...More >>



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