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domestic violence egypt cleric christian violence bombingIt's unacceptable interference in our affairs.

It's a family matter.

Just look the other way.

We'll deal with it ourselves.

It's none of your business, stranger.

Don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong.

If you try to interfere, it's just going to make the situation worse.

We have the situation under control. Just go away and don't tell anyone what you saw.More >>

we dont need no education thought control iranian regime islamic republic politics westernCountries looking to prepare their populations for the challenges of the 21st century all tend to highlight the exact same element: education. Some countries will focus on boosting the number of graduates who can develop the "green economy" or create the next Google or Facebook.

And some, like Iran, will sacrifice the ability of their people to participate (much less compete) in the global economy of the future because they'd much prefer ideologically acceptable drones.

From the Washington Post's feature, Iran's education reform takes anti-Western tack:

Starting in September, all Iranian high school students will be introduced to new courses such as "political training" and "living skills" that will warn against "perverted political movements" and encourage girls to marry at an early age, Education Ministry officials say.

In universities, the curriculums of law, psychology, sociology and other studies will be drastically altered, with officials from the Science Ministry, which has responsibility for higher education, working to strip out what they describe as Western theories and replace them with Islamic ones. Dozens of professors have

...More >>

It was a tough holiday season and it seems genocidal Islamist thugs are still intent on punishing Christians for having the temerity to celebrate Christmas. No respite in the New Year from the global jihad.

More >>

climate change partisan debate politics left right environmentalismFor almost 30 years we have debated climate change. And after all that time we are still no closer to cutting carbon emmissions. Left wing environmental groups have pushed for extensive measures to curb green house gasses, while Right wing groups have resisted these reforms at every opportunity. Even though the environmental movement has the backing of the scientific community, popular support, and political clout somehow the climate skeptics and corporate interests that have been against reform have succeeded in allowing carbon emissions to continue to increase. And that is surprising, because as monolithic as the fossil fuel lobby seems, the environmental movement has had the power to push through real reform— and has continued to sabotage and defeat itself.

The climate skeptic community has managed to convince scores of people that current Climate Change Theory is flawed, and possibly is false. They have argued that the current rise in temperature could be a natural phase in our planets climate cycle, pointed out flaws in some climate models, had moments of triumph with propaganda coups such as...More >>

useful idiots vladimir lenin canadian left wing socialist islamist alliance communist peace war politics

A popular but apocryphal legend tells us that Lenin cynically coined the term “useful idiots” to denote Western sympathizers of the Soviet regime.  A BBC radio documentary of the same name appeared last summer, outlining the history of such individuals, from Walter Duranty’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Stalinist propaganda in the 1930s to those who defend the authoritarian government of Iran today.  Useful idiots are also prevalent in Canada’s far left milieu, acting in support of such diverse causes as anti-democratic Islamism in the Middle East, Communism in Cuba, Bolivarian socialism in Venezuela, and even the re-establishment of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.  An overview of the far left scene shows us how each group specializes in the defence of a particular autocracy.  Like their Stalinist predecessors, these modern useful idiots are attracted to the ideological prestige and recruiting potential that come with such efforts.

The Canadian far left’s current direction on foreign issues began with the Iraq War in 2003.  Socialist Voice, an online magazine, emerged out of a 2003-2004 debate within the Communist League, a Trotskyist...More >>

the propagandist magazine politics essays articles news commentary best 2010 2011As The Propagandist prepares to usher in a new year, it’s time to take a look back at what our team of political pundits, essayists and provocateurs accomplished since we launched in the summer of 2010.

How did The Propagandist come about in the first place? I first broached the idea with some fellow pub-crawling political pundits in the winter of 2009 while discussing the future of media.

The conversation revolved around a few key observations.

First, the Internet was already filled up with political blogs and news sites, most of which seemed to have staked a claim to either the political far right or far left in order to build an audience. The publishers and writers had sold their souls. The result was a hodge-podge of mostly inarticulate and demagogic rhetorical sludge.

Even (or perhaps especially) among established newspapers and magazines, there was less and less room for nuanced political commentary by fellows like us. For instance, we supported ideas like democracy, the universality of human rights and the notion that modernity and development...More >>

As Julian Assange secures $1.5 million in book deals, supposedly to help pay his legal fees to fight the sexual assault charges against him in Sweden, Wikileaks has brought a major blow to the prospects for democracy in Zimbabwe, a country that has been on a painfully slow climb towards democratic government under the drawn out tyranny of Robert Mugabe. Like other tyrants, Wikileaks plays right into the sinister agenda of a clinging dictator like Mugabe, as detailed by Christopher Albon today in The Atlantic:

The topic of the meeting was the sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by a collection of western countries, including the U.S. and E.U. Tsvangirai told the western officials that, while there had been some progress in the last year, Mugabe and his supporters were dragging their feet on delivering political reforms. To overcome this, he said that the sanctions on Zimbabwe "must be kept in place" to induce Mugabe into giving up some political power. The prime minister openly admitted the incongruity between his private support for the sanctions and his public statements in opposition. If his political adversaries knew Tsvangirai secretly supported the sanctions, deeply unpopular with Zimbabweans, they would have a powerful

...More >>

south sudan independence bashir self determination democracySouth Sudanese are on the verge of a historic vote on independence that could have huge consequences for downtrodden minority groups living on resource-rich land throughout the Middle East and Africa. Our own take on this reaction to naked Arab imperialism in Sudan from October is as relevant as ever:

Clearly, South Sudan cannot rely on the United Nations to protect it. As always, Sudan's genocidal president will be able to claim "sovereignty" and rely on the support of the Arab League and bribed African leaders to keep outsiders from interfering. And if some UN soldiers do prove the exception to the rule, Sudan's government can always rely on its Janjaweed militias to carry out jihad against the "aggressors".


So the South is going to need real help. Since the African forces already in the neighborhood are notoriously corrupt and ineffective, that means a Western military intervention, likely by a NATO member army. You can bet the Japanese, Russians or the Chinese won't be inserting a peacekeeping force between the North and South.


It's not neo-colonial

...More >>

wikileaks julian assange belarus zimbabwe cuba israel shamir usaWhen Wikileaks was founded, its publicly-stated primary interest was "in exposing oppressive regimes in Asia, the former Soviet bloc, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East."

Thanks to an obsessive single-minded focus on the relatively open and liberal USA and Western democracies by Wikileaks director Julian Assange and his hateful cronies like Israel Shamir, the organization is essentially working for the benefit of the "oppressive regimes" it was intended to expose. Entirely predictably, these regimes in Cuba, Zimbabwe, Belarus and elsewhere are using the information provided to hunt down their political opponents and whistleblowers and crush dissent.

At Harry's Place, read the report on how More Repressive Regimes Use Wikileaks Cables To Expose “Traitors”

H/T to the intrepid Terry GlavinMore >>

twelve steps to a compassionate life christmas politics charity

As we search for meaning in the holiday season, trying to elevate the atmosphere of Christmas above the commercialism of it, various moral principles come to the fore of our minds at this reflective time of year: giving, forgiveness, love, kindness, and most of all, compassion.

The former nun and interfaith proponent Karen Armstrong’s latest book, “Twelve Steps To A Compassionate Life” argues that compassion as a principle lies at the heart of all religions. Others would argue that this is wishful thinking, as did philosopher Ophelia Benson in her straightforward response to Armstrong’s book: “The principle of obedience to God lies at the heart of many religious traditions, and it is a modern illusion to think that is identical to compassion.”

In any case, it seems clear that compassion is not a regular enough part of the practice of either the faithful or the faithless, whether or not it’s a principle we fancy ourselves as espousing.

By this I don’t mean to say that we don’t take care of own, but that much of the time,...More >>



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