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Western Propaganda

Then you might as well start acting like one. Thank you, France, for demonstrating that civilized countries need not stand by acting nice and civilized while barbarians overrun vast territories.

Vive la France, in Mali.

More than 400 French troops have been deployed to the country in the all-out effort to win back the territory from the well-armed rebels, who seized control of an area larger than France nine months ago. What began as a French offensive has now grown to include seven other countries, including logistical support from the U.S. and Europe. The United States is providing communications and transport help, while Britain is sending C17 aircrafts to help Mali’s allies transport troops to the front lines.More >>

Explosive taste with a fiery finish.

"I swear I will not kill anyone."

 More >>

So let's stop wasting time with so much Idle Chatter About The Imaginary Indian, writes Terry Glavin.

My point is: enough with the fixations on aboriginal hyper-authenticity and play-acting in period costume already. It is less a challenge to the status quo than a retrenchment of the status quo. There’s nothing new about this. It is a panoply of iterations in an Imaginary Indian Complex that is only as traditional as the tradition that white people began when they first started holding up funhouse mirrors for aboriginal people to see themselves in.

Read it all.More >>

Well, they're not actually "missing". They're dead -- killed for being born without penises.

And this is the result:

Tens of thousands of girls disappear in India every year. They are sold into prostitution, domestic slavery and, increasingly, like Rukhsana, into marriage in the northern states of India where the sex ratio between men and women has been skewed by the illegal - but widespread - practice of aborting girl foetuses.

An estimated 25-50 million "missing" women in India. As well as infanticide and foeticide, childhood neglect is a problem and many women die early in adulthood.

More >>
Chief Theresa Spence by andres musta

How far down the rabbit hole does one go before they arrive at Attawapiskat, a reserve in Northern Ontario?More >>

Particularly if you're a 15-year old girl. Or 10. Or eight.

The girl in the latest case was so frightened that on the wedding night she locked her husband outside the bedroom and eventually escaped back to her parents, local media reports say.

The husband is reported to be considering legal action to get either her or his dowry back.

Saudi Arabia: home to thousands of pious, culturally-rich pedophile serial rapists.

You think that's terrible? Shut up, you hateful Islamophobe. Don't you know that the Prophet Mohammed's favorite wife was six years old when they married? Obviously, you are too spiritually barren to realize the beautiful sanctity of bearded old men consummating their love with girls who are still at the age where they play with dolls.

Source: via Maggie on Pinterest

 ...More >>

Idle No MoreIf you take the activists behind Idle No More at their word, you would simply accept that their movement – a grievance-based aboriginal movement demanding recompense for complaints that they haven’t fully explained – is going to change the face of Canada.

If you took them at their word, you would simple presume that their time has come.

Unfortunately, a lot of people other than just aboriginal protesters see Idle No More as their time to shine. And they’ve taken this as an opportunity to publicly peddle academic theories that essentially amount to little more than new age racism.

This is, of course, presuming that you actually consider White Privilege Theory – and its various bastard offshoots – to be an actual honest-to-goodness academic theory, as opposed to mere grievance-mongering.

Like virtually every idea favoured by the so-called “new left,” White Privilege Theory is in excess of 50 years old. It took its first recognizable form as a pamphlet penned by one Theodore W Allen. (Just for the information of those who tout...More >>


Take this quick and easy test to see if your commitment to equality is as genuine as you think -- all things being equal.

1.    Do you buy lottery tickets? And then, if you win, keep the winnings?

2.   Do you enter contests for best in anything, e.g. poems, novels, art work, music, dance, invention, beauty, sports, etc.?

3.   Do you award people for best performance in anything, including work for peace, selling the most whatever, even sainthood?

4.   Do you search out the best doctor to perform brain surgery on you or someone you love?

5.    Do you cheer when your team wins?

6.   Do you keep the excess of your salary, rather than share it with those who earn less than you?

7.   Do you voluntarily pay more in taxes than you are required in order to even out the inequality?

8.   Do you extend special privileges to your parents, brothers, sisters, spouse and children denied others?

9.   Do you lock the front door to your home?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you fail the test for belief...More >>

Liberalism is sooooo passe. So 17th-century. Screw equal rights. The right of every individual to live in freedom is a perverse illusion.

Don't take my word for it. In the Globe & Mail, UBC PhD student David Moscrop appears to be saying that Enlightenment values just aren't a good fit for non-whites and the underpriveleged. Far better for indigenous movements to reject such nonsense (in favor of unequal treatment and racial supremacism, presumably).

"Middle-class, white and privileged at its core, liberalism, from its inception in the 17th and 18th centuries, was a particular way of thinking about the world based on two radical but flawed ideas: that each individual was equal and that each was free."

Interesting take. Unfortunately for Mr. Moscrop, his opinion is getting absolutely killed in the comments. One example:

Bart F.
10:28 AM on January 4, 2013


To paraphrase Churchill, the only system worse than liberal democracy is all the other systems.

Especially systems centred around group identity politics such as ethnic nationalism, racialism, radical feminism, and tribalism.


Rejection of these corrosive and disfigured concepts is not a "blind spot".

...More >>



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