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War Propaganda

Lara Logan's meme-shattering speech in which she skewers the mainstream media and political elite for ignoring the Al Qaeda threat in Afghanistan. We don't have to worry about Al Qaeda rushing back into Afghanistan if the Taliban retakes the country; they're already there.More >>

Whether it's shooting a 14 year old female activist in the head for the crime of secularism, sending out tortured and brainwashed kids as suicide bombers or murdering entire families, the Taliban truly set the standard for savagery.More >>

chinese tanks

Particularly if you're Asian. Chinese and Japanese nationalists continue to rattle sabres over a small group of islands in the East China Sea.

Critics may throw up their arms in frustration at these two old challengers getting up in each other's faces over some tiny blips on a map. But at least neither side is threatening to engineer total genocidal destruction of the other nation in order to bring about the return of a magical hidden messiah.More >>

That's weird. I could have sworn this thing ended when Osama bin Laden took two bullets in the face. But here's Walter Russell Mead with Dispatches From The War That Nobody Wants.

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Hmmm. Maybe he should. I'm not so sure about these guys.

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140 characters. That's all you get. Tweet responsibly.

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If a conservative is a liberal who's been mugged by reality, what would one call this Democratic President who's seen his foreign policy -- nay, his entire outlook on how the Middle East ought to work -- exposed as an utter smoking shambles thanks to the intractable hatred of the Islamic world towards America? It's not so much that the sky is falling as the ideological ground is coming undone beneath their feet.

It's actually not clear at all that the Obama administration recognizes just how much things have changed in barely 10 days.  The President's talking heads are still devoting a bizarre amount of time into lambasting a poorly-produced video. The YouTube phenomenon has already been definitively shown to be a fig-leaf cover for Islamist terror attacks and riots sweeping the Arab Middle East, Pakistan, Indonesia and elsewhere. "Moderate" Muslims in France and England are protesting the "blasphemous" video as well; the protesters show their contempt for the birthplaces of Enlightenment values that ultimately saw free speech enshrined as an essential thing impacting all other freedoms. Meanwhile, America spends tax dollars on advertisements in Pakistan condemning "The Innocence of Muslims" -- because nothing shows you are willing to...More >>

On the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, John Smith and his young son looked up from West Broadway in Lower Manhattan towards where the World Trade Centre towers once stood.

JOHN. This is it. You remember those photos of the towers I showed you? Try to imagine it. This is where they were. All those people in those buildings. It's a sad day.


JOHN. You can see what's going up here now. It took them so long. But that's the way it works, Billy. It takes a long time to build something. You can destroy something in an instant, kid.

BILLY. Like when I built a sandcastle on the beach and then later I kicked it over because I got bored.

JOHN. Yeah. Something like that. But the people who did it weren't just bored.

BILLY. I heard they were Muslims in Al Keeda who did this.

JOHN. Al Qaeda. That's true.

BILLY. Are all Muslims like that?

JOHN. Certainly not. Most Muslims would never do something like this. But it's not just Al Qaeda that's out there. The truth is that there were plenty of Muslims who cheered when those...More >>

Source: via Adam on Pinterest


War is peace. Ignorance is strength. Freedom is slavery.More >>

The Commander-in-Chief does mention Al Qaeda's role in the attacks, but chooses once again not to discuss the far larger threat of anti-American Islamist extremism that continues to boil from the northwestern tip of Africa to the tribal heartland of Pakistan. If this were the middle of the Second World War, it would be like Roosevelt talking about a particular pack of German submarines in the Atlantic in 1941 without bothering to point out to his nation -- in this speech, or any other -- that practically the entirety of Europe and North Africa had already been overrun by Hitler's legions.

This deliberate obscuring of the longer-term menace is unhealthy for American culture and foreign policy. The longer that Americans remain uninformed about the origins of Islamist terror and imperialism, the more they will be susceptible to bogus conspiracy theories that Al Qaeda and allied Islamists are justified in their attacks upon an "evil, imperialist America waging a racist war on innocent Muslims." Time to wake up. Time for the Commander-in-Chief to tell the troops why they're fighting -- and remind the rest of us that we are fighting.

Jonathon Narvey is the Editor...More >>



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