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War Propaganda

Irrational responses to terrorism.

Don't build anything anymore because terrorists might blow it up. Sounds logical.More >>

Will US President Obama go to war in the Middle East?

As the US edges closer to a strike on Syria, the question looms: will he really do it? More to the point -- what exactly will he be doing?More >>

Will the West respond to chemical weapons use in Syria?

In terms of the human cost alone, Western dawdling has helped the Syrian crisis spin out of control.More >>

The USA has no more red lines left in Syria.

One thing that won't be surviving the Syrian civil war, no matter who wins: American deterrence.More >>

Afghanistan's future is uncertain, no thanks to the Obama administration.

Mixed signals from the Obama Administration about talking to the Taliban do a disservice to Afghans, and betray earlier promises.More >>

Blast at an ammunition depot in Russia.

A huge ammunition depot near the city of Chapaevsk does the opposite of what an ammunition depot is supposed to do.More >>

US soldiers on Omaha beach. The D-Day invasion.

"My God, we're coming in at the right spot, but look at it! No shingle, no wall, no shell holes, no cover. Nothing!"More >>

No question about it: Afghans are way better off now than when the Taliban were running things.More >>

Send in the drones

Drones are just a tool; a method of disrupting our enemy that is more effective than sending 100,000 troopsMore >>

Lifting the ban on American women in combat roles is a stirring revolutionary idea, except that they were already there. 152 American female soldiers have already died in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is good that policy is now catching up with reality.More >>



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