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Melissa Roddy

This myth is taken on by Guest Myth-Buster Melissa Roddy, and is the fourth in a series on popular myths about Afghanistan. For Myth #1, read Popular Myths About Afghan Women, Myth #2 is The Afghan Women's Movement on International Forces, for Myth #3, read The Myth That Afghans Don't Want Us There. Myth #5 is Afghanistan is Backwards and Irreparable, and Myth #6 is Afghanistan has never been conquered by outside forces.

Myth #4: Western military involvement in Afghanistan is all about American geopolitical interests there.

The Truth: Many people, especially folks who think they know a thing or zip about Afghanistan, believe that the International Coalition is only there to support pakistan afghanistan iran myths war politics women middle eastAmerican lust for cheap natural resources. This is wrong on sooo many levels. Let’s review a few.

If petroleum – the mineral most favored by the Bush Administration – were the primary motivation for stationing NATO soldiers in Afghanistan, then why would former President Shrub have diverted a majority of the resources necessary...More >>

The Propagandist welcomes our latest contributing writer, Melissa Roddy. In her first article, the author of “Ariana” and director and producer of “Conflict of Interest” explores the lies that the Pakistani ISI has propagated about Afghanistan in order to assist in its imperialistic designs. (This article first appeared in The Huffington Post).

Lies the Pakistani ISI tells about AfghanistanWithdrawal NATO forces from Afghanistan, before the country is strong enough to defend itself, would not result in peace for the Afghan people.  It would result in a repeat of the horrors of the 1990s. That's when, according to Human Rights Watch, over 400,000 Afghans were killed.

This past April, Benjamin Barber published an editorial entitled 15 Reasons Why We Can't Win In Afghanistan. I want to thank him for neatly putting in one convenient place so many of the common distortions and lies propagated by Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence Agency (“ISI”) to encourage NATO to abandon the Afghan people, who have suffered grievously for well over 30 years at the hands of various ISI sponsored criminals.  Below in italics are his jingoistic “15 Reasons,” thoroughly refuted, point...More >>


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