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Jonathon Narvey

The Propagandist magazine. Political commentary and powerful punditryThe Propagandist magazine has had a busy year taking the fight to the enemy. The pen is still mightier than the sword and our army of contributing writers has slashed its way through it's fair share of battles.

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The war continues, but let us pause for a moment to reflect on our victories. 

Here we present our most popular propaganda of 2012.

Unveiled Farzana HassanUnveiled: A Canadian Muslim Woman's Struggle Against Misogyny, Sharia and Jihad is a new book about which Tarek Fatah says: "The book needs to be read by anyone who has become exasperated by the ‘Muslim question’, be they Muslim or not." Michael Coren calls it "brave, resolute, informed, and essential reading". (Book also available on Kindle and Amazon).

The following excerpt is from a chapter entitled "Addressing the Muslim anti-Western Narrative" and is published with permission of the author, Farzana Hassan, a writer and commentator on Islam and Muslim issues who has been awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal for opposing radicalism.

"No nation which is big and influential enough to play an international role can claim a spotless record on the world stage (the Arabs themselves have been expansionist). The US has supported some brutal dictators in the past, but much less so in recent years. In fact, the much maligned Bush/Cheney philosophy vehemently opposed puppet regimes. The majority of Muslims contend that the US-led war on Iraq was waged simply for the US to gain access to Iraqi oil....More >>

For years, Blazing Cat Fur has been waged a tireless (and nearly thankless) online battle against Islamist radicalization and hatred in Canada and abroad.

They're trying to shut his blog down -- a clear attack on free speech and on those who oppose creeping theocratic fascism from those who would shout "we are all Hezbollah" from the streets of Toronto, London, Paris or elsewhere.

Note some of Blazing Cat Fur's most well-known victories so far:

I am proud that my work has contributed to hate crime investigations of the East End Madrassah, and also of CASMO, both organizations are affiliated with Iran's proxies in Canada, organizations that openly operate within Canada's Shia community under the direction of Iran's Ahlul Bayt society. Organizations that openly hate Jews and Israel.

I am also proud that I played a significant hand in our government cutting off funding to both the Canadian Arab Federation and Palestine House, both are among the most anti-semitic organizations in Canada.

He needs your support. Note the cat-icon PayPal donation button on the right of his blog. Donate what you can....More >>

Ophelia Benson writes with brutal honesty about the brutality against women in India, where authorities would rather cover up horrific crimes than do their jobs.

UPDATE: The poor woman is now dead. Time to upgrade the charges to murder. Maybe the police will now feel compelled to, you know, do some police work.More >>

Well, not precisely. The Christian community is actually growing quite fast in Israel. But everywhere else, Muslim nations are doubling down on their persecution and genocide against minorities, particularly Christians. The Jews have already been dealt with -- now it's endgame for Jesus' followers as well.More >>

A Christmas classic.More >>

Happy holidays, troops. Enjoy some well-deserved R&R.

 More >>

Calling out the haters for what they are:

In a world where big white men are petrified of being called racist, this tiny Filipina seems to be the only one brave enough to call rappers out. It’s not that she hates rap; she’s the only one who doesn’t give it a free pass. When the Washington Post nominated The Coup’s Party Music as best album of 2001, she called it a “stomach-turning example of anti-Americanism” and pointed out the original album cover showed the band blowing up the World Trade Center. They made the cover a few months before 9/11 but the sentiment wasn’t unusual. After 9/11, Paris’s Sonic Jihad featured a plane flying into the White House. In 2007, Malkin exposed Akon for sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl, and Akon subsequently lost Verizon as a sponsor.  She calls Obama the “Hip-Hop President” and ridicules Ludacris for his corny song about painting “the White House black.”

Source: via Yvonne on Pinterest


If they attack a school, a volunteer bounty hunter with a laser blaster can respond to the threat in under two seconds. Let's make sure every school is laser-blaster protected. 

-- National Blaster Rifle AssociationMore >>

No kidding. I was under the impression that four Americans were dead because the State Department did an awesome job. My mistake.

What a shame that this report vindicates those who "jumped the gun" to suggest this incident ought to have political reprecussions before the last American election. I guess it doesn't really matter now.More >>



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